Barron Trump makes first appearance at campaign rally as Donald builds him up

Barron Trump made his first campaign rally appearance at a Trump rally near Miami, Florida.

Barron Trump, 18, was introduced by his father, former President Donald Trump, as part of a wider series of shoutouts to family members and supporters at the rally.

“…And a very young man. This is a young man. He just turned 18,” the former president said, taken aback by the loud applause that accompanied him.

“A very young man, who’s now going to college, got into every college he wanted to, and he made his choice,” Donald Trump continued. “And he’s a he’s a very good guy, I’ll tell you. You know, I’m not allowed to call them boy, but he is my boy. He’s my boy. They’re all my boys, right? When you have sons, it could be any age. They’re your boy, they’re always going to be, and he’s a very special guy, Barron Trump!”

“This is the first time he’s done this. Barron!” he added, with further emphasis. “Stand up, look at him.”

Barron Trump was met with extended applause, standing up and waving to the crowd.

“That’s the first time he’s done it. That’s the first time, right? You’re pretty popular,” the former president said. “He may be more popular than Don and Eric, we’ve got to talk about this. Hey Don, we’ve got to talk about this, huh?”

“All right, so Barron, it’s good to have you,” he continued. “Welcome to the scene, Barron! I don’t know, he had such a nice, easy life. Now, it’s a little bit changed. Anyway, special guy, right?”

Barron Trump’s campaign introduction reflects his growing visibility, having made one of his first public appearances at a dinner this spring. He was also seen golfing with his dad in a leaked video showing the former president smack-talking President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris shortly after the debate.


Notably, Ivanka Trump, a major part of the first administration, was absent from the event, reflecting her stated desire to withdraw from politics largely. Barron Trump’s mother, former first lady Melania Trump, was also absent.

Barron Trump was asked to be a Florida delegate at the Republican National Convention, but he declined.

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