Are Affirmations Biblical? My Thoughts.

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20 thoughts on “Are Affirmations Biblical? My Thoughts.

  1. Hi my lovely, just watched some of Doreen Virtue… I couldn't leave direct comment, but in the UK, we've a gold jewellery channel selling occasionally, angelite stones, they quote her by name, and her book as the true author of angel healing….. I would hate this going out to millions. Gemporia and Gem Aura crystals, lady called Jeannie always shows Doreen. I'd want my affiliation NOT IN UK ON TV. Especially if xtian. Loving your videos and Justin Peters. The truth will set you free. Kindly tell Doreen when it's Angel jewellery being sold, her name, book and photo are shown. Love in Christ sister xxx @Melissa Dougherty

  2. Some that grow up in a negative environment and mentally abusive environment need those scriptures that tell them they are loved and chosen after coming out of all that. I know that I am unworthy and a sinner but I can’t go too far into condemnation because of my past. So I agree to find the balance.

  3. As Christians we know that Jesus died on the cross for us.. at that moment all of our sin , sickness, iniquity etc was crucified, it all died… what is that we become , as soon as we become believers in Him? Sinners ? Sick? Unjust? I might sin because I live I a fallen world.. but I am not a sinner anymore! I live in the era of resurrected Christ, with Him in my heart and the Holy Spirit to help me in my walk!! Yes I am saved, healed made whole, just , and I am a saint, but only by His grace!! I can go on and on..but I will stop here.. 🙂

  4. Thank you for making this video! I have had a hard time explaining this to relatives who are Christian and yet have this new age affirmations ! I was like that when I was a teenager, and although God healed and corrected my walk, I didn’t have a way to teach that to others in love, kindness, mercy and truth!
    Thanks for braking it all down !

  5. I use affirmations such as:
    I am strong
    I am powerful
    I am mighty
    I am a pure athlete
    My mind is strong
    My body is strong
    I am relaxed when I compete
    I am an amazing athlete
    I excel at every turn
    I effortlessly perform actions that have become muscle memory through practice
    I am always in the mood to train
    I am dedicated to training

    I only do these for mentality as an ATHLETE. Is that new age? I don’t want to dabble in things that offend God

  6. Bahh bah ha the ad befor your video was all this with the mystical voice saying how to think afformations for money and business and life
    Great video Melissa
    Have awesome content

  7. It just felt brainwashing to me and I started to steer away from it. Especially when people try to manifest I try not to throw up that sounds like something made up tbh 😂

  8. I'm glad you made a video about this when this kind of unbiblica new agel teaching has creeped into the church. The truth is we can't think to high or to low of ourselves. It all comes to our identity in Christ. It's who we are in Christ and who he said we are.

  9. Around 12:25 in the video when you give the verse galatians 3:22-24 is wrong to the verse read its actually Ephesians 4:22 -24 the others given in this video coukd be wrong to I didnt check so maybe something to review . thank you for the video though

  10. Affirmations is used in Psychology and is common among those with having Depression..
    Repentance and having a humble heart, having the full understanding that the Holy Spirit will guide you through both the good and bad times of you life is priceless.

  11. I've always kind of disliked affirmations.. I'm strong through Christ and Christ alone. I am nothing Jesus is everything🙌🙌

  12. Melissa what does the theory of " you are what you attract or if you speak a certain way you will attract it, which people based off the verse of " as a man thinketh so is he"

  13. The discernment part was funny lol, I have only seen yout videos for about 5 to 6 months and I remember you said "Read you bible" only once, but regardless of that, I KNEW you were gonna say "R E AD Y O U R BI B L E" !!!

  14. All the mantras, affirmations of the new age movement are completely opposite from what the word of God says, their beliefs feed the ego, self-sufficiency and all go down to making money and abundance in this world. I have been working with a lot of "law of attraction clients". Sadly most of the entrepreneur's contents are not biblical, how I wish I would found a community that are biblical, can anyone recommend? Thank you.

  15. I also have a background in new age. It left me empty and dissatisfied bc I will be running around in circles. Blaming myself because I wasn’t as successful as I thought I should be.

    Now with Jesus I accept that I only have control about how I choose to feel. I allow myself to feel negative emotions but I find refuge in Christ. I had terrible anxiety and self doubt and self hate. I had to start changing my inner dialogue. I had to realize that facts about me are not my truths.

    Yes I’ve committed sins , I’ve done bad things. I smoked weed, ate for gluttony, had terrible thoughts about others and myself. Those are facts but not my truths. The truth is I am loved by Jesus even if I’m terrible. I learned to root my confidence in Jesus rather than my evil deeds.

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