Artists & Entrepreneurs Reprogram Your Mind & Ehhance INSPIRATION & INTUITION While You Sleep. FLOW

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20 thoughts on “Artists & Entrepreneurs Reprogram Your Mind & Ehhance INSPIRATION & INTUITION While You Sleep. FLOW

  1. I was listening to this and had the worst fucking nightmare I had in fucking years. I'm not listening to this every again and I'll stick to soothing rain sounds from now on. Fuck this all the way to up Sunday

  2. Feelings so amazing wow, i had a dreams about my future! Wow am truly follow my intuition. Thank you universe for taking care of me.

  3. If it brings a spark of joy… you know!
    I feel myself growing stronger in courage. I believe in myself more than I ever have before. Things are changing for the better in my life at home and my work place. I feel like I will get a promotion soon. I have been blessed with some extra money and I have shared it with those less fortunate. It feels great having extra money and being able to help people out. I am richly blessed with health and love. Dear Ones know that you are loved ?.
    Peace, love and blessings to all. Hugs of love ?.

  4. A few days later the inspiration and creativity I was desperately needing just came to me!! I will continue to listen while I sleep – this was amazing. Thank you so much ?

  5. I love this track so much. I figured I would copy and paste the text I transcribed for my own use, in case anyone else wants it.

    Artists & Entrepreneurs:

    I am phenomenally creative

    I am oozing with inspiration

    I am exceptionally artistic

    I am a remarkable entrepreneur

    I am creative in my business 

    I get the pleasure of expressing myself artistically and creatively

    It feels so amazing

    I am blessed to do what I love, and love what I do

    I am passionate about my business 

    I get to flow with immense inspiration

    Creativity is my default output 🙂

    I am made of inspiration!

    Creativity just seems to flow out of me

    I receive visions, feelings of what to do next

    It feels so natural!

    Like I just know what to do

    I can feel the next move, and then the next, and then the next

    I am unfolding!

    With this creative inspiration at each moment

    I am in the flow of this sincere, and far-reaching frequency

    Like I don’t have to know how it is going to turn out

    I can feel that just following the inspiration…in each moment, IS the process!

    There is a flow of wonderfully creative ideas

    Filling my mind

    I see inspiration everywhere I look

    Life is inspiring my work

    It is inspiring my being

    I am having conversations, and I feel inspired!

    I see or hear life moving around me

    And it gives me wonderful ideas!

    Inspiration is unlimited.

    I know the flow of inspired thoughts and actions will always find me.

    All I need to do is chill out a little 🙂

    Just relax a bit more every day

    Just let go, and allow the flow of inspiration to take over my life

    And everything I need to accomplish just happens!

    The universe takes care of the details for me

    And I get to simply relax

    Into this remarkable flow

    The flow takes me in

    Like merging into a flowing river

    I can feel the intuition to express myself

    In a way that is natural to me

    I can feel my heart swelling snd expanding

    Moving me to act and do

    To follow my truth

    My heart swells and unfolds at this moment!

    I am open to momentous inspiration. 

    When I am in the flow, it feels all encompassing

     But also soft snd gentle like a breeze 

    That is why it is so good for me to be relaxed

    Because then I can feel the subtle lead of inspiration 

    It feels like I am touching the heart of the universe

    Like there are no attachments to my identity

    Like I am a vessel 

    And a bright light is flowing through me

    It is a flow from the source of all that is

    I can feel my hands or my words 

    Are extensions of my inspired heart

    It feels so remarkably good

    Inspired thoughts are continually rolling into my mind

    Life is impressing me with its miraculous synchronicity 

    Everything I need is available

    I can feel a kind of spiritual support around me

    For my ideas, and inspiration

    I am a being of light and I shine bright.

    I love what I do.

    Because I can flow from a  place so deep within me

    It is like the truth of me

    The core, the center

    There is a depth to this creativity

    That feels like a bottomless well of wonder

    I love the feeling of being creative

    It feels like whirl of momentum that takes me in

    I feel like creativity and newness is vibration in my field 

    I love the creative flow

    It feels like my hands know what to do

    I know how to flow this energy

    That is wanting to come out of me

    I may have never done this before

    But I can FEEL the feel the pull of my intuition

    I love it, that I can tap into this feeling of knowing

    It feels like something so much bigger than me

    Is creating masterpieces with my hands, words, or work.

    I am a vessel for source to flow through 

    My intuition leads me to exactly what I need

    The richness and depth of this creative feeling is so fulfilling

    The feeling of being expressive, in a unique way?

    Fills me with joy!

    I can feel the door to the universe opens more 

    Every time I allow myself to go there

    I am allowing my creativity to increase

    I am intuitive

    I am clear and concise

    Intuition feels like the most profound part of me is expressing

    Crystal clear intuition is surrounding every move I make.

    It is remarkable.

    I feel like there is a dance between my body

    And a desire of the universe to express

    It’s like the inspiration lives outside of my mind

    Like it is being fed into the space around to me

    And I can see it or feel it

    I love that feeling

    I love feeling like my heart just knows what to do next 

    I’m so tuned in

    And I can feel the natural order of things 

    I am so inspired 

    This feels amazing 🙂

    It feels sensational to create in this way

    I feel so invigorated

    I am energized

    I love being artistic

    I love being creative

    I am grateful for all the new ideas

    That are flowing into my awareness

    I am thankful that I get to choose which ones I want to do

    I am fantastically intuitive 

    Intuition feels like a solid being I can touch

    Intuition is so familiar to me

    It is like she moves my hand

    She inspires my mind to thoughts

    I am a fantastically successful entrepreneur

    I make great choices for my business and future

    I love what I do!

    Being an entrepreneur means I get to express my uniqueness in the world

    Isn’t that wonderful? 

    All the right Information I need comes to me at the perfect time

    I have exceptional timing

    As my business builds, so to does my understanding of myself

    I love learning as I go

    I love learning from other people 

    I am surrounded by people who are successful at what they do

    All the money I want and need flows into my life

    Being creative and an entrepreneur is massively fulfilling

    I have a successful business

    I am happy snd fulfilled

    This is what success feels like

    It is like the joy of flowing, learning, loving, and being!

    All at the same time!

     I am wonderfully abundant

    I have time snd money freedom

    I have a balance between inspiration, work, and rest

    I am really good at this 🙂

    I can express myself in all these different ways

    I am surrounded by wonderful people who are very supportive

    I am surrounded by people who inspire me

    I am surrounded by people who help me to enjoy my life

    As well as my work

    I have plenty of money and the time to enjoy it

    I love my life.

    Total time: 20 minutes per loop

  6. Thanks for letting me be your inspiration for you to be my inspiration to let life beautifully unfold exactly how it is! I saw your soul it gorgeous!

  7. This is absolutely wonderful. I’ve returned to it nearly daily (listening for 5-20 mins at a time) – thank you so much for making it, especially during this period!

  8. Jess I love your work! Love you! From Syracuse New York
    The ones they gave this a thumbs down is obviously not awaken yet!!

  9. I’m Glad to find you in my life Jess thank you so much for changing my life to the better I love you ❤️?

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