ASMR Positive Affirmations in the Rain (+ brushing sounds)

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20 thoughts on “ASMR Positive Affirmations in the Rain (+ brushing sounds)

  1. This video was really great, I loved what you said about not being alone and having to have good and bad in life, I also enjoyed the the way you talked as if you were talking to a friend it was very comforting. I can tell this is a video I will come back to, thank you for making this!

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  3. Also, am I the only one who for some reason thought he was in his car?? Like how would he get the kind of power he needs to power the camera and stuff lol?

  4. Do I have a new crush what’s happening
    I’m supposed to be relaxing SIR but here you are increasing my heart rate

  5. when you started talking about acne i started crying because i've just been feeling insecure about it for so long – what you said really helped, thankyou❤

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