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Aventurine: Crystals for Manifestation

Aventurine: Crystals for Manifestation

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20 thoughts on “Aventurine: Crystals for Manifestation

  1. Does the Quantity of stone also have a relationship with effectiion (so does wearing a very small stone have the same effect as wearing an entire stone necklace)

  2. I did this and won $1500 yesterday .. I even took a video for the proof. It really works … I was absolutely blown away yet confident because I believed it would. I bought the biggest Aventurine crystal in the store connected with it at the machine , said my prayer and affirmation and instantly hit the jackpot .. wasn’t even in the casino for 20 min and hit on the first machine I was guided too. If it wasn’t for this video I would of never tried this yet alone bought this crystal. Now I’m in love with this crystal and I also place it on my head when I have a headache and it takes away my headache instantly. Pure magic

  3. Somehow i felt the urge today to get myself green aventurine bead necklace to hang with my moldavite? I felt less angry today compare to wearing it alone. Have you tried this combo? What is your thought of these 2 combo?

  4. How to clean and charge green aventurine? Cause ive heard some crystals shouldnt be cleaned by salt water and some shouldnt be charged under the sun. Thanks

  5. Hello Heather, I'm new want to learn about crystals I need crystals for money, I want to purchase a new house as money is hard for me come by you did a affirmation and a chant in the video ( Top 5 Money Videos) can you explain what those words mean.

  6. Great video! The only thing I am a little confused on is how is putting change in the bowl going to help me speed up my financial abundance goal.

  7. Hiii….I am tanima roy from India…I like raw crystal ln pyramid shape…I need one tiger eye in pyramid shape

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