How Palo Santo Changed My Life │ I Burned Palo Santo And This Is What Happened…

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20 thoughts on “How Palo Santo Changed My Life │ I Burned Palo Santo And This Is What Happened…

  1. Just infused some bourbon with Palo santo smoke, sipping it now. Very nice scent & flavor. Interested to see any effect from drinking

  2. I'm not superstisious at all but I'm burning Palo santo insence right now, knew nothing Bout the repetitive number thing and just happened to start watching this vid at 1:11pm

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I have been thinking about Palo Santo for a few days now, now I’m going to purchase, thanks again for the insight

  4. Just smudged palo santo for the first time today. The smell is much more pleasing than white sage. Was a bit perturbed at how palo santo needs to keep being relit. Other than that, I find it wonderful

  5. I burn Palo Santo every day and I absolutely love it. I feel lighter and very happy. It's truly a lovely wood to burn.

  6. Recently used palo santo for the first time. Before than i was always irritated and not in the best moods. But when i started using it today my day went way better with a better mood.
    I really enjoy how palo santo smells ????

  7. coole xperience and thanks for sharing! i never used this before and just recently hard of this wood. will buy and try.
    I have been seeing 1111 repetively for years now but i still dont' know what the universe is telling me

  8. yo what's with all the crazy people in the comments? Oh wait the videos got a crazy person too. y'all need to get high more, ghosts aren't haunting you you're just bored.

  9. seen magic using PALO SANTO , infact when i first bought this the guy at the shop gave me a free sandalwood incense ! It took me back twenty years ago i recalled this same scent .

  10. I was given a stick of palo santo from one of my favorite patients, sadly he passed. But I kept it in my box where I keep precious memories. Yesterday was a pretty rough day so I decided clean and get organized because when I'm stressed or hurting or any kind of negative emotion that's what makes me feel better. The first box I opened up had the palo santo sitting right on top. I agree with you the smell is intriguing, almost like a really pungent mushroom or something. So any I burned it, I've never burned anything unless you count adding lavender to my marijuana. While it was burning I thought of my old patient and his zest for life and how I loved his energy. I really almost could hear his voice. Then I thought happiness and health. I did my best to put the concerns Im wrestling with out of my head. When the palo santo had cooled I put it back in the box and went about my day. Again I'll agree with you I felt lighter and more energetic also had more clarity. I was able to enjoy a nice dinner with my family not being short with anyone, I was actually present with them. Then I slept one of the most restful nights in a long time. While there were other things I did yesterday to experience all of this the palo santo was the only new thing I added to my environment and I definitely felt like a boost. I'm grateful for this gift and I'm eager to learn more about it.

  11. Burned it today for the first time, I was feeling very melancholy an agitated. Instantly lifted my spirits and the smell was so pleasant I think it's better than sage. it also improved my husband headache. I WILL CONTINUE TO EXPLORE WITH PALO SANTO????????????????

  12. I had been wanting to get my hands on palo santo for a while now and today while browsing in a store walaaaaa before me was a box of palo santo sticks! I felt like I hit the jack pot literally. Rushed myself home and put that stick on FIRE! Oh boy the smell is delicious I love it I can’t say my life has changed lol but I absolutely love the smell and also while holding the stick and showering my whole house with the smell my heart started racing fast it’s something unexplainable. Love and Light to all.

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