"I AM" Affirmations for Health, Wealth, Happiness, Straight To Your Subconscious Mind 432 Hz

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20 thoughts on “"I AM" Affirmations for Health, Wealth, Happiness, Straight To Your Subconscious Mind 432 Hz

  1. Is really ok to record an audio ..mix from health affirmation , money affirmation, any kind of affirmation you wish to attract. All of those I record it and make it as one audio record mix from those aforementioned affirmation.
    Is that ok? Is it still effective? Or it must be one affirmation good for one specific affirmation?
    Thanks for your response in Advance.

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  3. If you guys serious about manefesting and law of attraction listen to Kevin tredue your wish is you're command.

  4. I am love, I am brave, I am a victorious, I am hardworking, I am focused, I am prosperous, I am a money magnet, I am open to new experiences. Kindly check my channel my channel thank you ?

  5. This is so good. My how it helps with the negative chatter in the head. And the pause between the affirmations is perfect for repeating them to self. I am determined to snap out of this funk!

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  7. I’ve taken this to the next level, while I am listening to it I also writing it down in my diary for about 3pages everyday (around 15mins). And then let the rest play in the background as I falling asleep to it. It’s already been 6 days in the row. I will continue doing it. I feel more positive and more calm and confident already. Will update later on did it helped.

    Month in-I haven’t skipped one day in listening and writing them down at least 15-20mins. It became my evening ritual. And I noticed, that my relationships with people around me changed. I started to hear more of the compliments as repeated in the affirmations! My life changed already in such a amazing ways!

  8. Today is my second day of listening to positive affirmations. I get up early and listen to them as I walk in the woods for a couple of hours. Wow it’s so peaceful, healing, therapeutic. I am gonna continue on this wonderful journey.❤️

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