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20 thoughts on “Self-Love & Beauty Affirmations 💗 Manifest Beauty & Confidence!

  1. I gotta admit I cried like a baby listening to this. I’ve hit a rock bottom in my mental health, so I have a lot of not-so-great thoughts towards myself. It was so hard saying these words to myself but one day I’ll realize that they’re true 💕

  2. I truly loved this meditation, I love the fact that you typed the affirmations on the screen, bcuz some of them are long and i would forget what you said. I loved it. Beautiful.

  3. I hope you can love yourself and love your body comepletely. A good way to reverse negative self beliefs about your looks. Is looking in the mirror and complimenting yourself, even when you just woke up or your hair is messy.Even compliment on things you dont like about yourself in the moment because that is loving your body so much. It is so beneficial and will help you to love yourself as you are now. Everday Say postive affirmations and compliment your self in the mirror. Over time you will even look how you desire becuase when you have a more positive self view of yourself, so your body will reflect that positivty. Thank your body for waking up and sleeping, and walking and whatever else your body is capable of dong for you. And eat foods that make you happy, your body will feel happy too. Becuase you are your soul, your body is protecting your soul. And what you think of yourself in your soul/ mind reflects on your body. So be kind, do fun things, compliment your body, positive affirmations daily, and eat food that makes you happy. Dont jugde yourself for what you eat, it makes you happy for a reason(its okay to eat healthy as well but a donut wont hurt). You are beautiful and your body is a divine masterpiece. Treat your body like the blessing it is, its here to protect who you are inside. Good Luck with your self love journey. You can do it! Leeor Alexandra has a video on this that will really boost your faith.

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  6. felt more confident in 2 days listening to this in the morning ❤️ I didn’t understand how every horrible comment I made about myself effected me so much especially in the mornings waking up I would pick every detail about myself I don’t like and just assume I’m not happy but this is was I needed thank u so much for helping me feel better about myself 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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