What Candles Are Best For You? | Colors, Meanings, Functions, Candle Magic, & Candle Work

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20 thoughts on “What Candles Are Best For You? | Colors, Meanings, Functions, Candle Magic, & Candle Work

  1. I'm Zulu, and we attach the same meanings to the different colour candles. I couldn't stop nodding in my room rn.

    Bless, Sunny.

  2. I'm trying to manifest a new place to live what would be the best color's and herbs even crystals are good for this? please help immediately

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  4. Does the size of the candle really matter I believe I can manifest and have literally anything but will the size make my affirmations and manifestions take longer ? Anyone reply I feel it is the intentions that matter

  5. White can also be used as anything just like a clear quartz you can pretty much give it any meaning you want ❤️

  6. Hi. Are tea light candle types okay to use for candle magic? These are the most comfortable type of candles to use. I know they are small but are they just as effective?

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