Akaso V50 Pro SE ( Special Edition ) Test and Review

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20 thoughts on “Akaso V50 Pro SE ( Special Edition ) Test and Review

  1. Is the V50pro SE worth the extra money? What are your thoughts?

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  2. Great review. I do have this camera. One thing that bothers me with all Akaso is with all the accessories that they give you, they do not give the most common one is a car window suction cup for a "drive cam"…after all isn't what this camera is mostly used for ???

  3. i was trying to use my v50 pro se as a webcam, it connects easily, BUT! with the normal fisheye, even with narrow angle, it looks so curved. the distortion correction option gets the lines streight, but makes my head look like a pin, anyone managed to resolve that?

  4. Thanks for the great review. I bought the V50 Pro SE but my videos taken in 4K 30fps with EIS turned on look rather shaky compared to your videos. This is with the camera mounted on my bicycle or on my helmet during my bike rides or chest mounted during my walks. I had the following settings: Scene Mode – Manual, Codec – H.265, Power Frequency – 60Hz. Can you please tell me if changing any of these settings will make the EIS function better or maybe I just have a faulty camera? Thank you.

  5. I noticed on the v50 se when your out on your bike your video length was like 28minutes can you tell how this is possible,when the v50 pro will only record for 7min in 4k 30.thanks great review.

  6. Great review. I ride Enduro dirt bikes on single tracks in the jungles of Thailand, theres a lot of sharp up/down bumps like log crossing and large rocky sections and a lot of sharp left/right turns, and of course there are vivid colors with detail in lush jungle. The highest priority for me is image stabilisation so its enjoyable to watch, followed by detail and color. Which would do better, the Pro or Pro SE? Or should I look at the Brave 6?

  7. I am not sure if i should get a v50x or spend more for a v50 proSE . what do you recommend for motorbike.? how wide is the v50 pro SE compared to the gopro? Can i get my speedometer, the road and the sky in my frame with the camera on a helmet mount? and does the pro SE support any external mic or is it just akaso mic ?

  8. Would have been nice if it was 4k 60 fps and able to use image stability. What's the point of shooting high resolution if its bouncing all over the place the v50 pro is the better buy.

  9. Thanks for the video, great info. I ride motorcycles so it's great to see it in action. I'm looking for a macro lens, which one do you suggest?

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