Arri Alexa Mini LF | Why Hollywood LOVES This Cinema Camera

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20 thoughts on “Arri Alexa Mini LF | Why Hollywood LOVES This Cinema Camera

  1. many great shots in this but the one at 14:49 was just wow, the colors
    thanks for explaining why it's so good, I'm going to go cry now because I'll never own one :-/

  2. i am viewing videos in 360p because ,i am in india and i very slow internet .but,still the video from arri alexa in 360p is like viewing in 4k

  3. This is my first video from you, and I love your attitude about filmmaking. While people will just generally say something smug like, "Why would you use an Arri Alexa for vlogging…?" You actually did it just to have fun. You don't take yourself too seriously. Our industry needs more people like you. Cheers.

  4. Arri is the most overrated camera brand ever, they got popular in the film industry basically only they were the standard since the days of film and they were fine when they first released their digital versions, but since then, they have outright refused to innovate, unless you count putting 2 or 3 sensors together as innovation. People worship arri just like the brand itself is their religion, I've actually had really conversations with people about why I don't like what arri does as a company, and multiple times people have interrupted me by saying "Blasphemy!!!", before then walking away and ending the conversation, even apple doesn't come close in that regard. Arri is a company that does not make anything truly new and yet somehow builds an actual cult with its followers, I AM DEAD SERIOUS!!!!!

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