Axis IP Surveillance Camera Introduction

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20 thoughts on “Axis IP Surveillance Camera Introduction

  1. at 4 min I got tired of listening, I just want to know how to install thin cause its giving me a headache not to mention all this non needed info

  2. HAHA, I just found this after I wrote you a message on the other video you posted about cloud surveillance. Does this work well with Camcloud? This is what I asked about this specific camera

    "I'm not a big fan of using proprietary systems like nest (Dropcam) and canary, so I'm looking for a system where I can just add any ip camera. I found these cameras called Axis and I'm interested in using camcloud with these cameras, since they are plug and play. They claim that the upload bandwidth is only 256kbs and if internet is lost, they can record locally to an SD card or NAS device. Have you tested this service? I would really like to see what you thought prior to investing my 10 locations on this service. They also have continuous recording through their dealer channel, but I'm not sure if I really need that. Their site is, please let me know what you think."

  3. Do not chose, install AXIS at all! Many hidden obligations afterwards and no support after a few years. Old software can not be updated etc etc… stay away from them!

  4. Quite informative, thanks for sharing. What I actually do to find cameras on my network is simply go to the router interface and look at the list of attached devices. No LAN scanning software required.

  5. I have one question: let's say I've a couple of Axis cameras installed and want to give to a 3rd part company access to the video stream and recorded video ONLY. Can I do that? Can I handle all the configuration and admin stuff and give only those specific privileges to others? thanks a lot, hope you answer! regards

  6. 06:00 no …DO NOT setup Axis to record to NAS, we tried it on a couple of sites and was a nightmare because you need to use their Axis Camera Companion which is not stable!! Use Axis cameras with Windows PC/Server and Milestone recording software if you want a stable recording environment. Do not use Axis software it is rubbish!!

  7. Eli, of all the web cameras I've… erm "accessed" axis seems to be the most likely to come up. They aren't that secure. Sure they're good quality and are used in lots of facilities but they aren't all that secure.

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