How to set up Wyze Video Doorbell

How to set up Wyze Video Doorbell

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20 thoughts on “How to set up Wyze Video Doorbell

  1. The regular chime is part of a traditional doorbell. You need to see this as a new start. You can put the chime everywhere in the house at any time depending on the situation, or have more around the house. You can set a chime as a dog , etc. Those things are not possible with the old regular chimes. Also, is cheaper than the competition. My 2 cents.

  2. I'm in an apartment so will have to wait on this. But was wondering if any plans to come out with a wireless on or something like RING has where you can get the door mounting kit for apartment or rental property use?

  3. What concerns me is the doorbell just snaps on. It could easily be ripped off. Needs better secure mounting before I replace my Ring doorbell.

  4. FIX YOUR GOOGLE ASSISTANT ISSUES. If you don't resolve your ongoing Google assistant issues, this doorbell is useless to 90% of your potential customer base. But perhaps you're just hoping to launch products without properly disclosing such information. Not good.

  5. Why would you start with the assumption everybody interested in the Wyze Video Doorbell already has a wired doorbell? I was excited. I have quite a few of your products. Make a video of installing your product for the many people who do not have a wired video?

  6. Two questions: #1. Does it alert you phone (IOS) when someone is at door? #2. Will the free cloud storage be free forever or is this just a promotion offer to be rescinded in the future?? FWIW: I have several Wyze cameras, door locks, and scale and LOVE them !!!!!

  7. Was so excited about this until I discovered it was only hardwired. ????
    Huge disappointment. Will have to order another brand of battery operated doorbell

  8. I personally dont have a doorbell at my house. If there was some way to make a unit that would install wirelessly to my house so that it would actually give me a doorbell that would be cool. It would also sale really well with apartment renters as well I am sure. I actually currently use wyze cameras as my peep hole to see who is at my door now as I do not have a peep whole either. I know, my house is very basic but its home lol.

  9. Finally went with a wireless door bell three months ago and stripped out the wires, transformer & the horrid bell. Lucky for me I kept it all for a future project. Will have to refit but at the WYZE price’s and future proof technology it’s going to be worth it

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