HTC U11 Camera Test in 2020

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18 thoughts on “HTC U11 Camera Test in 2020

  1. Try with the Gcam. It will even give Ip11 run for its money. Actually, I prefer the U11 camera from IP11 for photography.

  2. Batterylife: standby 2 days are possible. But SOT ist not so good. Max 4,5- 5 hours. Just if you have stopped most back and foreground proc via boost+ and App Preferencies.

  3. HTC U 11 will always be the best phone, HTC even promised in 2020 Android 10 Q, HTC has the best camera. .And since its launch it has been an undervalued phone just because it is not from a well-known brand. If it was from Samsung, everyone praised it … That's how HTC U11 remained the best phone and that's it!

  4. I have a question for you. Which was the better overall package? the 10 or the u11? I'm siding with the 10 because of the headphone jack and the ois on the front camera. But the autofocus is much better on the u11 and it has 64gb of storage plus the water resistancy. I used to have the 10 and the auto focus was terrible

  5. Obviously still one of the best front camera's out there. J Will just showed to everyone how this front camera completely obliterates the S20 Ultra's one. Great video, man, Respect!

  6. damn, that front camera is really legit, it is cool to see a 2017 flagship to do so while I support some other OEMs as well which could not touch such performance back then, even now they don't bring much better quality 😁

  7. I have bought 2 htc dongles, and both broken, both only sound coming from 1 ear connected earphones , not very durable imo

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