Is this the best Smart Tracking PTZ IP Camera 2020? Sunba Illuminati Review

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20 thoughts on “Is this the best Smart Tracking PTZ IP Camera 2020? Sunba Illuminati Review

  1. I know this video is a few months old, but that camera is a long away from being the cheapest smart tracking camera. I have a Fayele that I bought on AliExpress for less than $200USD that has 5MP and 20X PTZ plus (not so) smart tracking. The problem is that despite following their recommended height placement my camera couldn't track you with the help of a blood hound. The tracking just plain doesn't work. I have a 3MP, PT camera that I paid less than $30USD for that has better smart tracking.

  2. My question has always been with these auto tracking cameras, what if two people enter the "scene" and then split up, which does it follow? Also, that would be the strategy to circumvent such technology, let it track the "innocent perp" while the "guilty perp" does the damage. How it that dealt with?

  3. Hi there. Do we really need to connect this to a modem? Can we simply plug it in an electric outlet and use the connectivity by IP? I don't feel like drilling a hole in our wall for this if you see what I mean. Thank you very much.

  4. Great video!
    One question: Can you set up an area to track that is bigger than the angle that the camera se? For example make it rotate 360 degrees and detect anything that is moving?

  5. Did you have issues getting this camera to auto-zoom when tracking? Their demo vids on their site don’t seem to auto-zoom. I’m also considering Hikvision DS-2DE4A425IW-DE, have you any experience with it?

  6. I’m looking at buying a auto-tracking camera shortly. Would you rate this the best in its price range? If I wanted something smaller/less bulky what is a good alternative of similar quality?

  7. good tracking but still overpriced and the image quality suffers afterimage problem maybe due to shutter speed. $ 460 is way too much for chinese made camera

  8. Do these cameras also patrol? I.e. do they only point at the home position and track moving targets from there? Or can they periodically scan to areas behind them (180 degrees)?

  9. They really named this freaking camera sunba illuminati? do you get a free subscription to the group?

    theres a pretty big difference in 4mp from 1080. 5mp is really not necessary as its going to film in 4/3 not 16/9, so unless you have something nearly perfectly square the extra resolution doesn't do much of anything.

    i'd be really careful buying 4k cameras for security right now. they really have a lot of horrible advertising. 4mp is 4x more information by pixels alone, but realistically its about 3x the info because of compression. i haven't seen any real 4k security cameras. 4k with 4000 horizontal pixels v 1000 should carry 16 x the pixels but in practice probably 1/2 that usable. but they sometimes call 4k 4x and its not! 4k is 4x wider and 4x taller. it can be hard to imagine but when we film in true uncompressed 4k on film studio cameras it often takes 4 drives to get the data off fast enough in real time.

    true 4k like we shoot would take 16 1080p monitors to see the full detail.

    i installed a dozen of these 200 tracking 5mp ebay cameras and resolution at this point is a freaking joke because the hunting and tracking is so flawless. it screws up with trees at night but my god its hard to tell the tracked footage from a pair of my guys on a tram with a 100k camera and a focus puller. one of these tracking cameras hunting will replace a dozen fixed cameras. the quality control on these sucks though. its also upsetting theres a poe board in it but they didn't stick 3 bucks of components to activate it. and you can't buy one with it. my two newer cameras when zoomed all the way go way out of focus for some reason zoom isn't as good as some others i've had but it has 2 tracking modes. fixed and hunting. it's pretty unbelievable to me it can pick up a track usually day or night when just flying between presets. i wasn't expecting that at all. you just see a blur then it jumps back. of course its making tracking calls at the camera, not what i'm watching.

    i wish these could identify and classify friends and foes at this price range but i imagine you'd gotta do that in an nvr. man, with 5 of these things in sight of any part of my 10 acres your being filmed, tracked, and lit from 5 angles. get in a car and it will follow you. get out and start tracking again.

    i have a bunch of uploaded videos on my page. most are 4mp. the bottom line with tracking cameras is once they've got you your f'ed. done. the image could be the size of a postage stamp and it wouldn't matter. i also love every 5 seconds or so it zppms out to see if someone is walking to you and zooms back in. if it finds more people, it centers them all and begins checking again for others. it hangs up on license plates as well.

    but the company, the firmware, the software suck suck suck. they must have a dozen different apps and programs and every one have different features for the same camera. like what the hell man. and none of them on mine pull video off easy. it comes proprietary and it takes a freaking nvr to do anything with the video, even on the sd card. you can watch it, but it freaks out here on youtube every couple minutes. you gotta downlload like 30 seconds at a time and indificually stich them back.

    they have 2 completly different apps for the same camera. but you have to have both. one does some stuff while the pro version doesn't do 90 percent of the regular one but it the only one of a dozen ways they have to run it that is capable of decoding whatever the hell format is actually being stored on the sd.

    My cameras are capable of hunting while tracking, and recording only idents. which is really really useful especially remotely because it only records when its tracking someone and about 10 seconds before and after. thats to the sd. so you can scan every identification like maybe 50 or so recordings ofer 2 or 3 days time in like 5 minutes. its very reliable regarding not false motion recording as it claims to be both capable of ai tracking and facial recognition although i find no difference turning either on or off or combining them.

    any place you come on my 15 acres its never going to take over about 30 seconds before 5 cameras are filming from different angles. your going to get picked up by the first one in about 3-5 seconds. then they won't lieave you until your inside or gone. walk around the house and the next cameras are already aware theres active tracking and they stop hunting and wait for you to walk around the corner. its mind blowing you can hunt 500 feet of fence with 1 camera by plugging 2 presets at the ends and 90 percent of the time its locked on you after the first pass and 100% by the 2nd or third

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