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20 thoughts on “No Leica MP For Me || Stories

  1. I agree 100% Nico, the M2 is a lighter, better camera. Great with Leica's simple grip. great if you use 35mm. M3/MP too heavy with brass plates. M2 has uncluttered and single frame lines for 35 & 50. You can take it up to Harlem past midnight and not worry about the old M2, the film advance is buttery smooth. They can easily be serviced. The go on forever. Unfortunately, folks have caught on and their prices are now 1500/2000+ and rising – get one while you can!

  2. Never shot the M2. Have only had the MP and I still shoot professionally w both of them. Love them. But wouldn't mind shooting an M2 for the heck of it.

  3. Hi Nico I where almost buying a Leica MP. But I ended up buying a Nikon F3 for for 398 with 1 year of warranty ! And yes it gives me a fantastic feeling everytime I shoot with it. I do already have a leica but its a digital its the monochrom typ 246. So I somehow did not want one more leica. I wanted to try something different so my friend kept saying try the F3 try the F3 I had mine for 30 years. So I tried it and wauw

  4. You actually care what colour the camera is ??? Just proves that Leicas are fashion accessories to some people.Whats brassing got to do with the final result ? But then again if you are just posting to Instragam that tells me a lot about the photographer

  5. I have a Leica Q, its a wonderful digital compact, great images etc…, but digital still feels less involving than the real thing, a classic analog film camera like Leica is my grail. My photographic skill was coming on when shooting with Nikon in the 1980/90s, todays lazy ass sophisticated digital image processing gimmicks took me down a different path entirely. Like TRON I wish to return to the real world.

  6. I want the M-A's black chrome so badly on the MP haha, love the matte look, but I think I'm too much of a noob to ditch the meter

  7. I have the Black MP! and I LOVE my camera so much!!!!!!!!! Great investment! it's true, it's super expensive, but once you shoot with it you're so happy! I've never had any regrets to have bought this Amazing camera!

  8. I don’t like luxury for the sake of luxury, and the communication around luxury irritates me a lot!
    But I also think that analog Leicas are the best tools, and when their prices don't go crazy like the M6 for example, then it's worth it.
    Nicos I understand why you prefer the M2 over the MP! I have a wonderful M4 from 1970-1971. It cost me «only» 700€, and I had it serviced completely for 350€. Now it’s as good as new. I had a M6 TTL before (wish I had waited to sell it when I see the prices now!?), but I really prefer the M4. The main reason is the viewfinder. Before the M4-P the viewfinder was more accurate at working distances (2-3m), then the frame has been shrinked (so they could add the 28mm frame I heard…)
    I also like the absence of the 75mm frame which disturbs the vision….
    And I never liked the lightmeter on the TTL which ate too much battery… The Voigtlander VCII meter is as accurate and more battery efficient. And if one day it doesn't work anymore I'll be glad it's not part of the camera. I like the camera to be only mechanical.

  9. I have an M2 and an M6.. I tend to use the M6 more, because of the meter, but every time I use the M2, It just feels so much better and makes me want to put another roll in.

  10. I got an MP in January and have shot dozens of rolls through it. It's great. I wanted a vintage film Leica as well and ended up getting a IIIf – if you haven't shot a III series Leica, I highly recommend it. They are much less money than a vintage M and a different kind of shooting experience, esp if you don't like to shoot with a meter.

  11. Do the silver chrome Leicas such as the M2/3/4 not brass? Obviously not like the black ones, but I thought they should still show off the brass layer after long enough.

  12. I have had almost all leica M models you can have. My main camera right now: Zorki 3. When you have the zorki 3 or 4 serviced very well with new curtains and proper grease it works just as good as a leica. I know some people will disagree but as a camera technician I can say that most leicas are overrated considering the price of a zorki

  13. The MP for me would be my, "I made it camera" haha. Loooove my M6, but there's something about that black paint and it brassing that is so f*&%ing cool. I love that your REWARDED with the brassing the more you use the camera. Love these stories episodes. Everybody is a camera nerd here, so we don't mind short little things like this. So thanks Nico!!

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