Obsbot Tail Review – Filming alone? You'll love this AI camera!

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39 thoughts on “Obsbot Tail Review – Filming alone? You'll love this AI camera!

  1. Hey, do you think this could film a RC plane or helicopter? My dad is too slow with my mobile and the quality isn't that good.
    There where some other questions about tracking objects but the answers had been deleted..

  2. Does it lose any tracking if the person goes from sun into shade? thinking about using this for horse tracking..

  3. hi, is there a way to have an external audio input? i need camera for live RTMP stream but camera may be distant at times from me and inbuilt mic will not suffice?

  4. Is there a way to use the phone somewhere outside with out WiFi connection? Or is there a Bluetooth option?
    All I hear is over WiFi connection, I would like to have this camera, but if WiFi is the only way to connect to the phone, then I can't use this camera.

  5. Can you record through USB port?
    Can you record on the smartphone (seems to have stop button at least)?
    Can you connect smartphone with another Wifi (Internet) while using the OBSBOT App the same time?
    It seems to support only SD card recording .

  6. Good day. You mentioned about using a lapel mic. are you using a bluetooth mic? sound qual is really good. would like to know what brand n model that is. thank you

  7. What are your different audio options? or mic options? I noticed when you were first walking outside that the audio wasn't that great.

  8. Hi Mark , I’m considering purchasing an OBSBOT and was just wondering how you are Heaton with yours now that you have had it for roughly 7 months? Your feedback back would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks. SB

  9. Mark, if I’m not mistaken, doesn’t the Obsbot app allow you to “learn” subjects, in order to improve the ability to track specific subjects?

  10. Just wondering how you are getting on with the OBSBOT now that you have had it for a few months. Many thanks

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