Ring Security Cameras, Ring Alarm & Smart Lighting – Why I Chose The Ring Ecosystem

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20 thoughts on “Ring Security Cameras, Ring Alarm & Smart Lighting – Why I Chose The Ring Ecosystem

  1. Thank you for this review. I have recently invested in the Ring security system, and I would agree with you that it fulfills many needs for home security with the added benefit of limited integration with my home automation setup using Alexa. But what really broke the deal for me was the comparatively low cost of the professionally monitored service that Ring provides for a far cheaper monthly fee than was charged by my former security company. The savings practically covered the cost of the Ring equipment itself. Being a company now owned by Amazon, I should think that Ring would be expected to have the financial backing to develop even more and better products in the future. I expect that Ring will be in this business for the long haul.

  2. What's the best battery wireless system? I currently have ring 2 wireless doorbell, and it has severe connection issues, even when the router is on the other side of the door

  3. Outdated design….Bad video…No 2k…or 4k…The only thing I like about Ring is the fast notification. Everything else sux big time Jeff. Need to upgrade your system Jeff! With all that money that you have, what are you dong Jeff? Giving everything to that Sanchez girl?

  4. I have enjoyed your review videos on the Ring Security and have found them very helpful. I know that most Vivint products will not be compatible with Ring. Do you know if Ring's retrofit product would would with Vivint's door sensors? I would think that the Ring system would work with my Carbon Monoxide detector and kwikset door lock and keypad.

  5. After watching several of your reviews I've got a ring plan and alarm, also 6 cams. Working fine so far. Please keep the vids coming. Thanks!

  6. I used to have some arlo pro 3s and arlo ultras in combination with a ring doorbell pro. The doorbell was always on point. The Arlos, not so much.

  7. How well does the Ring alarm work with the Ring Floodlight Cam….I'm worried at night about a moth or spider setting off the siren and alarm.

  8. What camera do you use to monitor on TV? Is it wired or wireless? Like which camera you use to 24/7 monitor your house on which is connected to the TV?

  9. Thank you. You are great with all of your pres! I just purchased my Wyze Cam V2. I only have max 3.0 Mbps bandwidth on my WiFI connection. I have to use 360p or SD mode so the network does not get saturated and bogged down. I would think you would have very good ISP service to accommodate all of the WiFi cams to operate efficiently. I think the V2 uses approx 1.5 Mb to operate.Thanks again!

  10. I'm always worried about rings lack of 24/7 recording unfortunately. Have you had any issues with them? Great videos ????. Love them!

  11. Hello thank you this was very helpful!!! Can I use my ADT sensor’s with the ring alarm system I heard they had a brief partnership and you could do so, they are not hard hired though, my ADT alarm is 3 years old. Thanks ????????

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