The TRUTH About OnePlus Nord!

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20 thoughts on “The TRUTH About OnePlus Nord!

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  2. This actually makes so much sense! I was actually gonna buy this, but having 2nd thoughts now. I still think it's a good phone. May be subjective though

  3. I am curious as to why they didn't include 5000mah battery and SD card slot…
    Would purchase if those were included 😅

  4. He is always biased towards apple. Noob without any knowledge only class 10th pass😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Hi bro,OnePlus Nord for all mobile users, if you enabled finger print lock, just swipe your finger from left bottom to right corner this direction /or direction then The mobile will unlocked. Im shocked and I'm facing this issue in my mobile. Please help to solve it. If you also facing the same… Need reply

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