ZLRC SG901 Yue 4K Folding Camera Drone Flight Test Review

ZLRC SG901 Yue 4K Folding Camera Drone Flight Test Review

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20 thoughts on “ZLRC SG901 Yue 4K Folding Camera Drone Flight Test Review

  1. Hi friend! Have you any idea how to adjust transmitter of SG 907 from ch 1 50% to 0% mode 0 for first flight so I can enter to calibration mode thanks for your help

  2. I have this drone. Don't think of it as anything other than an expendable to learn on. You certainly don't want to start learning on a magic or Storm 8. The first drone I had was a phantom which was absolute junk. It wouldn't even fly it would get 10 feet in air and fall to ground. The supplier wouldn't offer and relief their attitude was you bought it tough SH*t

  3. comprei um deste modelo e não prestou, ele perde o sinal do rádio e o drone sai em disparada e não obedece ao controle, isso bem perto, à 2 metros de distância.

  4. Hello there….im sorry if i ask questions to much…its because i am still having a problem choosing a drone…I mean I can get the DJI SPARK but its too expensive here in the philippines…thats why im stuck choosing a cheap drone..and theres many of them with different features and quality…like the

    SG 901 (but my phone does not support 5G WIFI)
    KF 600
    HS 107
    Drone 2 E68
    SJRC Z5

    Those are my only choises left…so what do you think is better in video quality and features.😁

  5. To measure the image following, first lock the target and turn the red frame, then press the record button. You press the record button at the beginning, so gesture recording fails and image follow fails.

  6. Hi.. Always watch your videos and have learned a lot cheers.

    Just bought a SG907 DRONE AND HAVE HAD 8 FLIGHTS but nothing showing on Flight Logs any ideas please??


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