Consumer Reports: These are the best EVs on sale now

Range anxiety is becoming a thing of the past as automakers find ways to get more out of their EVs’ batteries, but there are often differences in on-paper range estimates and real-world results. There are also some pretty significant gaps in buyers’ expectations of reliability and maintenance compared to EVs’ actual repair needs. Consumer Reports analyzed around 50 electric vehicles to find the models that offer the strongest reliability and most accurate range estimates, coming up with a list of the 14 best vehicles in the space.

Hyundai and Kia locked up the top two spots among mainstream brands, while BMW and Porsche took the lead among luxury models. Kia also won in the two- and three-row SUV categories. The top models in each area:

Consumer Reports tests vehicles at its own track in Connecticut, assessing performance, range, quality, and comfort. EVs are additionally scored on a 100-mile highway loop. Some of the electric models fell as much as 50 miles short of their advertised range, while others exceeded the estimates. The organization also polls its members to determine their reliability and noted that many EVs fall short of the mark, especially for first-year models.

Just 14 of the 50 or so models tested made this list, which shows that EVs still have a lot of progress ahead of them. Automakers also need to do more to educate buyers on the factors that impact real-world range, charging times, and repair needs, as many people mistakenly believe they’ll achieve the full advertised range or that their EV doesn’t need regular maintenance.

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