‘Frightened’ Beagle Rescued from Lab Finds Safe and Loving Home

When Lori received the call offering her the chance to foster an abused beagle named Ella, she didn’t hesitate for a second. Her compassionate heart and dedication to animal welfare made her the perfect candidate for such a challenging but rewarding task. Ella’s life had been marred by years of confinement and experimentation, leaving her terrified and broken. Lori knew this journey wouldn’t be easy, but she was committed to providing Ella with the love, care, and patience necessary to help her heal and experience a life filled with joy and freedom.

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Ella had spent her entire life confined to a cage, subjected to countless experiments. Her life had been one of pain and isolation. The Humane Society of the United States played a crucial role in changing her fate. They rescued 4,000 beagles from a Cumberland, Virginia facility, a place where these dogs were bred and sold to laboratories, destined for short lives filled with suffering.

“Many people are unaware that approximately 60,000 dogs like these are still used in laboratories annually,” the Humane Society stated. “We will continue to advocate for alternatives to animal testing to end this outdated practice.”

When Ella was rescued, she had no concept of freedom. She was a trembling, terrified little dog when Lori first brought her home. The journey to recovery was going to be long and challenging, but Lori was determined to give Ella the love and care she desperately needed.

In the initial days, Ella was too scared to move. For five days, she remained motionless unless Lori took her outside. Even then, the world outside the cage was too overwhelming for her. “I had to carry her back inside because she was so petrified of the wind,” Lori shared, reflecting on those early, difficult days.

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Inside the house, Ella chose a corner of the couch as her sanctuary. She would sit there for hours, staring blankly, her body stiff with fear. Lori’s heart ached to see Ella in such a state, but she knew patience and love were the keys to helping her heal.

Gradually, Ella began to show signs of coming out of her shell. She started exploring her surroundings, albeit cautiously. One day, Lori noticed Ella pecking at the buttons on the back of the couch, trying to rip them off. It was a small but significant step towards normal dog behavior.

Ella’s interactions with Lori also began to change. She started to play, even jumping on Lori’s back in moments of excitement. The first time Lori saw Ella wag her tail was a huge milestone. “Those small moments slowly turned into bigger ones,” Lori noted, her eyes shining with pride.

Despite these improvements, Ella had a long journey ahead. She had to learn basic dog behaviors that most puppies pick up naturally. She didn’t recognize what a ball was, let alone understand that it could bounce and roll. When Lori gave her an oversized tennis ball, Ella initially just barked at it, confused and unsure.

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With time and gentle encouragement, Ella began to play. The oversized tennis ball that once intimidated her became a source of joy. She started chasing it around, her barks turning from ones of fear to playful yips. Ella was slowly but surely becoming a happy, playful puppy.

Mirrors were another challenge for Ella. She would see her reflection and start to bark, not understanding that the dog in the mirror was her own reflection. These were all new experiences for her, and each one came with its own set of challenges and victories.

In just four weeks, Ella transformed from a terrified dog to a cheerful, playful goofball. Lori described the change as “night and day.” “As a foster parent, it was incredibly rewarding,” Lori said, reflecting on the incredible progress Ella had made.

After four weeks of socialization and learning about life outside a cage, Ella was ready for adoption. Lori prepared herself for the emotional day when she would have to say goodbye to the dog she had grown to love deeply.

When the day came to hand Ella over to her new family, Lori was filled with mixed emotions. She was sad to see Ella go but knew this was the best step for her. Lori was confident that Ella would thrive with her new family, which included another beagle to play with.

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“I’m thrilled for her new life. I’m so happy she found her forever home. For the first time, she gets to experience being part of a loving family,” Lori said, tears of joy and sadness mingling as she watched Ella leave with her new family.

Ella’s story is a testament to the resilience of animals and the transformative power of love and compassion. From a life of fear and isolation, Ella blossomed into a joyful, playful dog, ready to embrace her new life with a loving family. And for Lori, the journey of fostering Ella was a deeply rewarding experience, one that reaffirmed her belief in the importance of giving every animal a chance to live a happy, healthy life.

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