Motel Guests Check Out, Leave Their Pit Bull Puppy Inside Room

The daily life of a dog rescuer is a testament to dedication and an enduring love for animals. For Rudy Pina, an animal control officer in California with years of experience, rescuing dogs is not just a job but a calling. He has seen it all, from dogs left in desperate conditions to those abandoned in the most unlikely places. On one ordinary day, a call from a local Fresno motel would lead him to one of his most heartwarming rescues yet. A housekeeper, going about her daily duties, was surprised to find a puppy hidden between two beds in one of the motel rooms. The young Pittie had been left there by an owner who never returned.


When Rudy Pina arrived, he found the puppy peeking timidly from behind a bed. At the sight of Pina approaching, the puppy, scared and uncertain, quickly scurried under the bed for cover. However, Pina’s gentle demeanor soon reassured the little one. Speaking softly, he coaxed the puppy out of his hiding spot. Gradually, the pup’s fear subsided, and he even began to seek affection, rolling on his back to request belly rubs as if they had been friends forever.


After a few moments of bonding and cuddles, Pina carefully lifted the puppy and placed him in the kennel in his car. Their first journey together was marked by a quick upgrade from the kennel to the passenger seat, as Pina wanted his new furry friend to ride in comfort.

The duo arrived at the Fresno Animal Center where the puppy, dubbed the ‘Motel Pittie,’ was welcomed with open arms and given the care he desperately needed. Described by Pina as extremely friendly and cheerful, the puppy quickly adapted to his new surroundings.

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Rudy Pina took to social media to share the story, posting on TikTok: “Puppy abandoned at Motel6 on Blackstone in Fresno. Super handsome VERY friendly Pitty. He is currently at the @Fresno Animal Center waiting for his forever home.”


As the puppy waits for a family to adopt or foster him, Pina continues to advocate for him, believing that such a sweet-natured dog deserves a loving home rather than growing up in a shelter. “Please reach out to the shelter if you are interested in fostering, adopting or know a rescue! He is a young pup and doesn’t deserve to grow up at the shelter,” he added.

With his charming personality and the love he has to offer, it seems only a matter of time before this delightful Pittie finds his forever home, thanks to the compassion and quick action of a dedicated rescuer like Rudy Pina.

To see the Pittie’s rescue, click on the video below. Thank you, Officer Pina, for rescuing this adorable fella!


Puppy abandoned at motel6 on blackstone in fresno. Super handsome VERY friendly pitty. He is currently at the @Fresno Animal Center waiting for his forever home! Please reach out to the shelter it you are interested in fostering, adopting or know a rescue! He is a young pup and doesn’t deserve to grow up at the shelter. #pit #pitty #pittylove #pitbullpuppy #puppylife #abandonedpuppy #puppycheck #abandoned #motel6 @Motel 6 Manager #fresno #fresno559 #fresnocalifornia #abandon #pitbullpride #animalcontrol #fresnoanimalcenter #animalcontrolofficer

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