Carnivore Diet Fast Food – 5 Healthy and Tasty Options


Carnivore diet fast food – is that a thing? Yes.

But probably not what you think. If you’re wanting me to say go ahead, eat that burger with French fries that you grab on your way home, no! Besides… that’s not fast food.

Not fast?

Nope. It’s slow. You may think it’s fast because you hand over your credit card (fast), but how long will it take you to make the money you were ready to pay? One hour? Two hours? Maybe more?

Among the carnivore fast food I mention here, some take only six minutes. Junk food doesn’t even come close, timewise. Or health-wise, but that’s another story.

So what can you eat when you want fast food and you’re on a carnivore diet?

Burgers, pizza, shawarma… Those are all out of the picture. But you need something fast and good.

After all, who has the time to spend hours in the kitchen?

Carnivore Diet Fast Food #1


It’s tasty, it’s healthy, and it’s done in 6 minutes. (Or less, if you want rare.)

My son taught me this recipe.

It never fails, it’s super-easy and it’s fast. You set the timer to 6 minutes.

Warm up a skillet. Add grease (tallow or butter). Add steak.

Let it fry for 1 minute, turn it over, and repeat.

Once it’s had 6 minutes, your steak is done. Serve it hot with coarse salt and a thick slice of butter.

Carnivore Fast Food Steak

Carnivore Diet Fast Food #2

Get a package of smoked Omega 3 salmon.

Unpack it and wrap it around a couple of table spoon full of cream cheese (Philadelphia type). Make a few scrambled eggs to go with it.

It’s dinner in 5, and it’s yummy beyond belief.

Carnivore Diet Fast Food Salmon

Carnivore Diet Fast Food #3

Carnivore Enchilada!

Mix eggs, butter, salt and Mascarpone. Fry it on a skillet on both sides. Add shredded chicken breast and cheese, wrap and eat.

Nobody will miss the veggies. (Ignore the chili that walked in there…)

Sadly, it looks like my crepe maker is no longer in production. I recommend you get one with removable plates, though, and the tools to spread the batter like this one which looks good.

NutriChef Crepe Maker - Cooks Bacon, Roti, Tortillas & Omelets - Easy to Clean Detachable Cooktop - 12 inch Cook Area with Adjustable Temperature - Includes Wooden Spatula & Batter Spreader25%

Carnivore Enchiladas

Carnivore Diet Fast Food #4: Pancakes

What could possibly be faster than flipping a quick pancake?

This one is carnivore and healthy. You make it out of four ingredients…

Eggs, salt, butter and goat cheese or Mascarpone.

Blend and fry.

It’s super delicious and you can add a thick slice of butter at the top before serving.

Oh my, now I’m getting hungry.

Carnivore Fast Food Pancakes

Carnivore Diet Fast Food #5: Real Fast Food

On the road and hungry?

If you had the opportunity to prepare, you could bring hard-boiled eggs, hard cheese like Cheddar, Pecorino, Gouda or Gruyere if you can keep it cool on the road.

If you brought nothing with you and now you want something to bite into, there’s only the traditional fast-food options available.

But you can carnivore diet proof them.

This is not optimal. You can do this occasionally. But nothing beats homemade food where you know everything that’s in it.

You can ask for only the beef patties at the burger bar.

You can order fish without the chips.

Or you can order a gyro or a shawarma served in paper instead of pita bread.

People will look at you weird, but that’s their problem. Their gaze upon you doesn’t change your fit size. And they should look at you in awe in stead and change their own obese state.

Not because it’s ugly to be obese.

But because it’s unhealthy and dangerous. And it makes tying shoelaces a daily problem. (Been there, done that, walked with open shoes.)

stack of grilled beef patties


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