Are Bananas Keto? Bananas On A Keto Diet: Tips, Recipes And Substitutes


In the world of keto, you might wonder if there’s any room for the humble banana. Certainly, the question ‘Are bananas keto?’ arises because their sugar content contradicts the low-carb lifestyle.


But before you cast them aside, let me take you on a journey through the banana’s intricate history, its surprising nutritional profile, and the innovative ways you can incorporate this fruit into your keto-friendly routine. So, peel back the mysteries of bananas with us and discover how they can still find their sweet spot in your carb-conscious diet.

Bananas on Keto: Essential Nutritional Information

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While a single medium banana may be high in carbs, it’s also packed with essential nutrients. This includes dietary fiber that is aiding digestion, and important minerals like potassium for support of the heart health.

It’s true that a typical medium banana does contain about 14 grams total sugar content. But don’t dismiss bananas just yet.

The natural sugars in bananas come paired with fiber and various beneficial compounds. This means that the fruit’s sugar has less impact on your blood sugar than refined sugars would have.

Potassium Powerhouse: More Than Just Carbs

In terms of overall health benefits, you can’t overlook its huge potassium content – almost 10% per serving. Potassium is crucial for heart function and plays a key role in skeletal and smooth muscle contraction, making it vital for normal digestive and muscular function too.

Fiber-Rich Fruit Goodness

It’s worth noting that each banana contributes around 2-4 grams fiber to our diet. Eating fiber-rich fruits like bananas can help with weight management by inducing a sense of satiety, as well as aiding in healthy digestion.

How Many Carbs in One Banana?

carbs in banana

A single medium banana contains around 27 grams of total carbohydrates. That might appear to be a small amount, but it’s noteworthy in the keto world.

As the daily carb limit on keto is usually between 20-50 grams depending on your individual goals and body composition, eating just a single banana would almost meet or even exceed your daily carb quota. 

That wouldn’t leave much (or any!) room for other foods that contain carbs, like leafy greens and Brussels sprouts which are also packed with important vitamins and minerals.

The takeaway? While we can’t exactly label bananas as “keto-friendly,” there could be some wiggle room if planned carefully within your macros.

How Many Fats in One Banana?

Bananas contain approximately 0.39 grams of total fat in a medium-sized banana (about 118 grams). 

The fat content is primarily in the form of trace amounts of unsaturated fatty acids. While bananas are not a significant source of dietary fats, they provide a wealth of other essential nutrients.

How Many Proteins in One Banana? 

Bananas are not a significant source of protein, containing only about 1.3 grams of protein in a medium-sized banana (approximately 118 grams). 

Their main nutritional contributions come from carbohydrates, dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals, rather than protein content.

How Many Bananas Can You Eat on a Keto Diet?

As we’ve said, a keto diet typically aims for 20-50 grams of carbs per day. So, one banana can potentially take up a significant chunk of your daily carb allowance.

However, if you’re craving a banana, it’s not entirely off-limits. You can enjoy a smaller portion, like a slice or two, to satisfy that sweet craving while staying within your keto goals. Remember, it’s all about balance and making smart choices in the world of low-carb living!

Best Way to Cook Banana Flavored Recipes 

banana cake

Bananas can still be a delightful addition to your keto-friendly recipes without jeopardizing your carb count. Choose unripe or green bananas which are lower in sugar. Sautéing banana slices in coconut oil with a sprinkle of cinnamon can create a warm, sweet treat with minimal carbs. 

Alternatively, blend frozen banana chunks with unsweetened almond milk and a bit of peanut butter for a low-carb, creamy smoothie. These methods harness the essence of bananas without causing a keto conundrum, making them perfect for those seeking a banana-flavored twist within their dietary constraints.

Using Banana Extract for Flavor

A fantastic way to bring that familiar banana taste into your meals is by using banana extract.

This liquid magic can be a lifesaver when you’re craving something sweet and fruity.

Add it to smoothies, keto banana muffins, banana pudding, or pancakes and voila!

Banana Bread Keto Recipe

vertical shot of banana bread

This sensational Keto Banana Bread recipe is a perfect example of how using banana extract gives you the best of both worlds – that delicious banana aroma and taste, but without a spike in carbs. This scrumptious creation also has a perfectly moist crumb, and demands to be tried! 

Keto-Friendly Banana Substitutes

Missing the sweetness of bananas on your keto journey? Us too… But don’t worry, here are some clever ideas for low-carb alternatives. 

Berries as Banana Substitutes

natural strawberry

Berries like strawberries and raspberries come packed with flavor but won’t break your carb bank.

This amazing strawberry cheesecake was a huge hit with our readers from day one. They seem to like it just as much as we do, and we still make it regularly.

If you love raspberries, then we can’t recommend these low carb raspberry pie bars highly enough. Great for any occasion, including packed lunches and entertaining fussy guests!

Avocados for Creamy Texture

stuffed avocado avocado angle

Avocados may seem like an odd choice at first glance, but they provide creamy richness similar to ripe bananas. Plus, they’re packed with healthy fats that make them a must-have for any low-carb diet.

If you love chocolate, then this keto chocolate avocado pudding is just what you’re looking for.

If you’re more of a savory person, and you miss French fries on keto (don’t we all…) then you should definitely try these avocado fries if you have an air fryer.

Other Hints and Tips 

So if you are planning to add some slices of banana to your keto diet, here are some valuable hints and tips for how to eat bananas while stay low-carb:

Choose Unripe Bananas: Opt for green or unripe bananas, as they have lower sugar content compared to ripe ones. This means fewer carbs and a more keto-friendly option.

Portion Control: Enjoy bananas in moderation. A little goes a long way in flavor, and it helps you stay within your daily carb limit.

Freeze for Smoothies: Freeze banana slices and blend them with unsweetened almond milk, nut butter, and a dash of cinnamon for a creamy, low-carb smoothie.

Mashed Banana: Use mashed banana as a natural sweetener in keto friendly recipes… sparingly. It can replace sugar or honey, maintaining a keto-friendly profile.

Combine with Fats: Pairing banana with healthy fats, like nut butter or coconut oil, can help balance the carb content and keep you in ketosis.

Track Carbs: Keep a close eye on your daily carb intake and make room for bananas by adjusting the rest of your meals accordingly.

Remember, it’s all about balance and enjoying your keto journey while savoring the occasional banana treat. Stay keto and stay happy! 

Are Bananas Keto FAQs 

How Many Bananas Can I Eat on Keto?

The short answer? Not many. The keto diet typically limits carb intake to about 20-50 grams per day, depending on individual needs and goals. 

A medium-sized banana contains around 27 grams of carbs, meaning one single banana could take up over half of your daily carb allowance.

How Many Net Carbohydrates Are in a Banana?

Bananas have an average of 24g net carbs (total carbohydrates minus fiber) each. This high amount makes them less suitable for people following strict low-carb diets like keto.

To put things into perspective, consider this: If you aim to consume no more than 20g net carbs per day – a common goal for ketogenic dieters – one medium banana would exceed that limit by itself!

What Fruits Can I Eat on a Keto Diet?

Berries such as strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries are lower in carbs compared with other fruits and can be enjoyed in moderation on a keto diet. Melons are relatively low in carbs and can be a good choice for those on keto. Avocados have very few net carbs while being high in healthy fats that help keep you satiated.


banana on a plate

So, you’ve journeyed with us through the carb-filled world of bananas and keto. You’ve weighed the facts, compared the numbers.

The question still lingers: are bananas keto? The reply is not straightforward. It’s about balance.

Bananas are packed with nutrients but also high in carbs. So while they might not be your go-to snack on a strict keto diet, you can still savor them wisely without kicking yourself out of ketosis. Think banana extract for flavoring those delicious low-carb pancakes and muffins… Or munching just a small piece paired with healthy fats like chia seeds to curb that sweet craving.

Your path towards weight loss needn’t strip away nature’s candy entirely – it’s all about smart choices!


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