Empirical Health for Apple Watch now leverages AI with your data and real physicians


Empirical Health for Watch is out with a new update that aims to offer a more seamless and impactful approach to health care. The new release brings AI to transform your Apple Watch health data into a customized care plan alongside guidance from a doctor.

Empirical Health launched the major 2.0 update today for Apple Watch and iPhone. In addition to new AI-generated custom health care plans, the release comes with a new UI, support for blood pressure cuffs, in-app benchmarks for metrics like resting heart rate, HRV, VO2 Max, deep sleep %, and more.

New features and changes:

  • AI-generated care plans. Empirical will distill your wearable data and your health goals into an actionable care plan. While AI generates the plan, a real doctor reviews it with you (ensuring accuracy) and can order necessary labs, referrals, or prescriptions.
  • Support for blood pressure cuffs: connect a third-party blood pressure cuff in order to manage hypertension. Our hypertension care plan covers exercise, nutrition, and medication (if prescribed by a doctor).
  • App redesign. We’ve completely refreshed the visual design of the app.
  • Benchmarks. All metrics—resting heart rate, HRV, VO2Max, deep sleep %, REM sleep %, oxygen saturation, etc—are benchmarked against medical norms. We’ll also tell you your percentile, so you can see at a glance where you stand.
  • Medical care is available in 27 US states covering 200 million people — up from just 4 states at launch.
  • New workout templates to cover zone 2 training, high-intensity training (e.g., to improve VO2Max), and strength training.

Here’s more on Empirical’s approach to integrating AI with Apple Health data:

While large language models (LLMs) have already passed medical licensing exams, one missing piece has been grounding in objective, physical biomarkers.

Empirical 2.0 grounds medical AI in objective physical data. We think of this as the first step toward building Baymax, the personal healthcare companion from Big Hero 6. Rather than being a literal white robot, our version of Baymax is a friendly app on our phone and watch that integrates with health sensors and helps you proactively manage your day to day health, keeping you out of the hospital.

Empirical Health for Watch is a free download from the App Store with in-app purchases available to unlock all of the available features.

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