Grab the limited edition ‘Blurple’ Nomad Apple Watch band while it lasts

Nomad has launched slick limited edition Apple Watch Sport Bands like Glow 2.0 and Night Watch Red this year which have sold out quickly. Now the company is back with its latest limited-run design – “Blurple.” Here’s a closer look at this vivid hue.

In May 2023, we got the Altlantic Blue limited edition Nomad Apple Watch Sport Band. Now about a year later, a new rare band from Nomad has launched in the blue color family.

Blurple was designed in collaboration with The Verge. After testing out this band with my Apple Watch Ultra, I’d describe it as a rich indigo. To my eye, in natural sunlight, it leans a little more on the blue side, and in indoor/artificial light, it leans a bit more on the purple side.

Nomad Sport Band specs

  • FKM fluoroelastomer rubber
  • 100% waterproof
  • Interior ventilation channels
  • Custom aluminum closure pin
  • 150mm size – “one size fits most” for 49, 45, 44, and 42mm Apple Watches
  • Designed for Apple Watch Ultra 2, 1, Series 9, 8, 7, 6, SE, and all previous versions of Apple Watch
  • Price: $60
Nomad Blurple Sport Band Apple Watch pin closure

As I’ve shared with previous Nomad Sport Band reviews, I love the pill-shaped closure pin design that gives a more secure fit than the ball-shaped pin that Apple uses with its Sport Band. And the Nomad Sport Band offers full adjustability.

If you haven’t used Nomad’s Sport Band, the ventilation channels truly improve airflow for a more breathable experience compared to the flat design of Apple’s Sport Band. 

This limited edition collaboration has a discreet “The Verge” logo on the inside of the band’s pin.

Nomad’s Sport Bands have become my Apple Watch go-to for years now and they’ve proved durable and comfortable in the long run.

Get the limited edition Blurple Apple Watch Sport Band

You can grab the Nomad Blurple Sport Band for Apple Watch now for a limited time. If you like it, don’t wait; previous Nomad limited edition launches have sold out as fast as 24 hours.

Meanwhile, standard colors for the Nomad Sport Band include Ultra Orange, Lunar Gray, White, Coastal Rock, Ash Green, Marine Blue, and Black.

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