Thin and light is back in style, and Apple’s M4 iPad Pro is proof it can be done right

Not too long ago, Apple was on a mission to make all of its devices thinner and lighter. This ambition resulted in iPhones that bent, and MacBook Pros that removed pro ports and had a terrible keyboard.

In the past few years, Apple has shifted gears, prioritizing battery life, ports, and other important features over thinness. But the tides are set to turn again.

According to a new report, Apple’s thinning agenda is back and it’s coming for the iPhone, MacBook Pro, and Apple Watch soon. But the recent iPad Pro shows that Apple may just succeed this time around.

Apple’s thinnest device ever has been a success

When Apple debuted the M4 iPad Pro this spring, it did something that the Apple of 2016 would do: it touted the device’s thinness. The new iPad Pro wasn’t just thinner, it was actually the thinnest device Apple had ever made. Thinner than the iPod shuffle and nano, even.

Initial impressions of the new iPad couldn’t deny how remarkably thin and light it was compared to its predecessor. But there were worries, too, fueled by memories of thin devices gone wrong in the past.

Two main worries surrounded the iPad Pro:

  • how was its battery life?
  • would it bend?

But in time, and with rigorous battery and bend testing, the iPad proved those worries misplaced.

The M4 iPad Pro set the standard for success for a thin device. It didn’t sacrifice battery life, and it didn’t become more fragile.

Not only that, but it also packed in the most advanced technology ever found in an iPad.

Setting the standard for Apple’s new thinness wave

iPad Pro thinness

The new iPad Pro demonstrates that Apple has learned from its missteps in the past, and is able to produce thinner, lighter devices without the compromises it made before.

Next year’s iPhone 17 Ultra, and the next-gen MacBook Pro and Apple Watch, are all set to benefit from the iPad Pro’s success.

If Apple can maintain its current standards for battery life, while making the iPhone, MacBook Pro, and Watch both thinner and lighter, those new devices will represent some of the most significant hardware advancements seen in recent years.

Not everyone wants a thinner device—and some might even prefer chunkier models with bigger batteries—but Apple’s choices with the iPad Pro have been met with overwhelming positivity.

By following the iPad’s path, that same warm reception can greet Apple’s upcoming slate of thinner, lighter devices too.

How do you feel about Apple’s new push for thinner devices? Let us know in the comments.

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