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Armed with my new Canon EOS70D, I was feeling motivated to hunt for an early morning capture. Unfortunately, the Rogue Valley had been inundated with fog for several days and the sad grey mood was grating on my nerves. In hopes of finding a destination above the fog layer, I set out for an extremely early hike up the Table Rocks.

It turns out, hiking in cold, dark, foggy weather early in the morning is not my favorite thing to do. I found myself humming and whistling aloud to help build confidence that there wasn’t some undesirable lurking in the bushes. Visibility wasn’t more than three feet, just enough to see the path in front of me, which left me with just enough courage to make it to the top.

The walk across the mesa was uplifting however, as the fog hadn’t quite made it to the top, I was met with a pleasant clear early-morning sky just before sunrise. Unfortunately, the final image would be veiled by the ever-present fog. I was elated when I found this tree perched on the edge of the North most cliff and found its silhouette against the rising sun worth a capture.

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