Day starts early at Sangkhlaburi market, Thailand

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Day starts early at Sangkhlaburi market, Thailand

This shopkeeper opened before 7 am in hopes to catch the early bird. Day started early in Sangkhla Buri for most people in town, as Monk procession was planned that day.
The believers line up in the route early with baskets of food and gifts prepared for the occasion. The monks proceed at the day break to give blessing to each. By 6:30AM is was over and all breakfast joints were filled to capacity and many of the shops were open for business. By 9-9:30AM the town was however deserted, as the heat forces everyone inside, only to come alive in the late afternoon for few hours. Sangkhla Buri is also known for the longest wooden bridge in Thailand, but the monk procession was probably needed to give extra boost to the economy. It benefits everyone (restaurants, guesthouses, clothing stores), but also the poorest in the community as the monks give most of the goods to them.

102. TMR; Thailand 2020. (Taken Feb 02, 2020; No. P1350089; TMR Photo No 102, Lmx -ZS100) Uploaded 02. April 2020.

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