I Sat By The Ocean

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I Sat By The Ocean

I Sat By The Ocean
Queens Of The Stone Age

I sat by the ocean and drank a potion, baby, to erase you
Face down in the Boulevard, yet I couldn’t face you
There ain’t no use in crying
It doesn’t change anything, so baby, what good does it do?
Your friends, they all sympathize
Maybe, I don’t need them to

Imagined I’d be your one and only
Instead of the lonely one
You, me and a lie
Silence is closer, we’re passing ships in the night

Went over to North Curl Curl pool this morning to shoot the big swell. It was going off, and this was one of those mornings where you had to have your wits about you.
We arrived an hour before sunrise, and spent a good 20 minutes just watching the ocean, and the sets of waves, and how far and quickly they were coming in. It was a rising tide, and in this location, the water comes at you from all angles, including around and behind you.
We shot for a while at the bottom of these steps, just under the cliff on the left, and got some good images. A girl came down and joined us, just chilling.
I asked her if she wouldnt mind being in one of my shots, and she kindly obliged and sat perfectly still, while I photographed away. It was only after she had left, that I thought I should have got a contact for her, to send her an image. If any of my Northie friends happen to know who she may be, I’d be happy to send her this digital file.
Anyhow, great morning out on a Sunday, witnessing the power of mother nature.
Hope you like "I Sat By The Ocean"
Cheers, Mike

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