The ones with a red and white fin

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The ones with a red and white fin

Ever since they were formed in 1957, Austrian Airlines have always featured a red and white fin, initially horizontal like the nation’s flag but latterly this has been given some artistic licence.

In recent years the airline have updated their livery a number of times and is now more simplified, and even though twenty year old OE-LAZ has lost its blue underbelly, this Boeing 767-300 still otherwise wears this older livery.

In the background sits an Embraer 170 of People’s Viennaline, a small outfit that serve St. Gallen – Altenrhein from here. In fact, that airport and airline are in common ownership.

Vienna Schwechat, Austria
27th June 2013

20130627 IMG_0171 OELAZ 169

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