un viaje, dos islas bonitas… (2)

Piotr Stachowiak posted a photo:

un viaje, dos islas bonitas... (2)

an image taken well after the sunset from the viewing point called Degollada de Becerra, close to Cruz de Tejeda in Gran Canaria. This place offers a splendid panoramic view from 1500+ m above the sea level, on a day with a good visibility you may see the peak of Teide vulcan on Tenerife island (a black line above the fog in the right corner). The central point s the rock formation called Roque Bentayga, in the deep shadows a road is winding towards the rock. These were 5 bracketed shots @50mm, with 8 sec for 0EV capture sechad to use bracketed option due to a very high dynamic range of the scene… no dramatic clouds but colors and shadows were very much rewarding

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