Diamond announces Dynamite & Image PREVIEWS exclusives, plus merch

Diamond Comic Distributors has announced another wave of PREVIEWS exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con 2024, all of which will be available at Booth #2401 throughout the July 24-28 convention. Attendees can purchase a limited number of items through the FandomWorld sales window.

“Diamond is excited to introduce a new approach to our highly anticipated San Diego exclusives,” said Geppi Family Enterprises and Diamond chief marketing and communications officer Kathy Govier. “This year, we are offering fans the opportunity to purchase these limited-edition collectibles directly at our booth via our new FandomWorld brand. We know fans won’t want to miss these unique exclusives available at the show!”

The latest wave of Diamond exclusives includes characters from Dynamite Entertainment and Image Comics, Sanrio, and Marvel. Check out the details below.

PREVIEWS Exclusive Comics

SAN DIEGO 2024 THUNDERCATS CHEETARA #1 (APR248878) | ROCKETING OUT OF THE BEST-SELLING THUNDERCATS COMIC! Superstar Soo Lee (Disney Villains: Maleficent, Carmilla: The First Vampire) presents CHEETARA in her own series, for the very first time! Cheetara’s a fierce warrior, famous for her lightning-fast speed. But before Third Earth, before the destruction of Thundera, she was a young woman with secrets. Wrapped in a life of Thunderian nobility, she seeks to find her place in an unsure universe, and to understand why she’s seeing alarming visions of the ancient past, and the near future… This exclusive variant cover illustrated by Domenico Carbone is limited to 1 thousand copies.

SAN DIEGO 2024 THUNDERCATS CHEETARA #1 VIRIGN (APR248879) | This exclusive virgin art variant cover illustrated by Domenico Carbone is limited to 500 copies.

SAN DIEGO 2024 DESTRO #1 (OF 5) PX VAR ED (APR248016) | Mini-Series Premiere. The next chapter of The Cobra Threat threat begins here! James McCullen Destro XXIV is the man behind M.A.R.S. Industries, the undisputed leader in providing high-tech weapons to world powers… for the right price. But the emergence of Energon has changed everything. As Destro’s ambitions grow, the “Crimson Twins” Tomax and Xamot Paoli emerge to destroy their competition, and Cobra Commander realizes his current ally could be his future greatest enemy. Acclaimed writer Dan Watters and artist Andrei Bressan change the balance of power in the Energon Universe forever. This exclusive variant cover by Andrei Bressan and Adriano Lucas is limited to 1 thousand copies.

SAN DIEGO 2024 SPAWN KILLS EVERY SPAWN #1 B&W (APR248946) | Mini-Series Premiere. What happens when you find out you’re not the only Hellspawn? What if you also find out you’re not the coolest Hellspawn? Easy-you kill them all! This exclusive variant cover illustrated by Rob Duenas is limited to 500 copies.

PREVIEWS Exclusive Merchandise


SAN DIEGO 2024 AMAZING FANTASY #15 ILLUMINATED PX VINYL FIGURE (NOV238032) | Spider-Man swings into action in this PREVIEWS Exclusive addition to Youtooz that pays homage to his first appearance! Standing at 5.1″ tall, Spider-Man is depicted swinging on his web between the buildings of New York, with small shadowy figures watching from below. Under one arm, he carries a panicked man whose arms flail in distress. This PREVIEWS Exclusive Youtooz figure is made to illuminate stunningly under UV light and features a comic-inspired paint deco! The limited-edition collectible comes in a collector-friendly window box with a matte, embossed protective outer sleeve. Limited to 1 thousand Pieces.


SAN DIEGO 2024 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #50 B&W PX VINYL FIGURE (NOV238035) | Recreating the iconic Amazing Spider-Man #50, this PREVIEWS Exclusive figure sits at 4.4 inches tall. This emotional figure features a large Spider-Man looking over his shoulder at the disheartened Peter Parker who walks away downtrodden. In contrast with the original, this PREVIEWS Exclusive variant features a nostalgic black-and-white color scheme. The exterior of the packaging shows a Spider-Man suit stuffed into the trash bin of a rainy alley, while the interior is covered in light grey panels of Marvel comics. This limited-edition collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve, and a custom-sized plastic protector for maximum protection during shipping. Limited to 1 thousand Pieces.

SAN DIEGO 2024 SMASHIES HELLO KITTY PX STRESS BALL (MAY238612) | Introducing Hello Kitty SMASHIES! This 4″ stress ball, crafted from slow-rise squishy foam, is perfectly squeezable, offering a uniquely satisfying tactile experience. Packaged in a clear polybag with a printed cardboard topper, this PREVIEWS Exclusive features Hello Kitty in her signature yellow and blue outfit, complete with her iconic red bow. With a limited edition of only 1000 pieces, this charming Sanrio SMASHIES figure is a must-have for any Hello Kitty fan seeking a touch of cuteness and comfort!

Stay tuned for more SDCC ’24 coverage from The Beat.

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