Award-winning Curio Wellness cannabis products come to Missouri

Midwesterners can finally get a taste of these East Coast favorites.

You might have noticed a little something new on Missouri dispensary shelves recently. Curio Wellness—a brand consistently rated as one of the best in its home state of Maryland—is now available for the first time in stores across Missouri.

Top-rated Curio Wellness cannabis products have officially landed in Missouri.

The family-owned and operated business is a household name in Maryland, where our writers named Curio’s Black Cherry Vanilla Chews, “Maryland’s best cannabis edible.” Now, in its first move outside its launch state, Curio Wellness has come to Missouri, beating out other regional adult-use markets like Illinois and Michigan. Missouri consumers will be the first in the Midwest to access award-winning edibles from Curio Wellness, with flower and carts coming later this year.

The proof is in the process

The quality that makes Curio Wellness an exciting entry into the state’s market stems from two main commitments: making science-based innovation a reality by enabling a team of healthcare & agricultural experts on their Scientific Advisory Board and sticking to a cultivation process that makes consistent results possible. These two factors mean that Curio Wellness products are some of the best out there when it comes to cannabinoid-rich, thoughtful formulations you can trust to bring the same heat session after session.

Expertly cultivated with a careful hand towards fostering cannabinoid and terpene-rich profiles, Curio’s flower is grown in a state-of-the-art cultivation facility led by horticulture experts and plant science PhDs. To achieve their targeted, consistent creations, each grow space is its own enclosed environment, allowing cultivators to precisely control temperature, humidity, and airflow.

Along with its cultivators and Scientific Board, Curio staffs a Product Innovation Team to go deep on product development, ensuring the brand is on the bleeding edge of cannabis innovation. That’s a big reason why Curio is known for leading the way on effects-specific products that create loyalists, breaking away from the pack instead of trend-chasing.

Sample this

For Missouri cannabis consumers looking to get a handle on what you should try from the Curio Wellness lineup, we’ve got some top selections that will give you a feel for why they’ve reached best-seller status in Maryland. These products are available now in dispensaries across Missouri.

Curio Wellness Classic Chews

Curio Wellness
Courtesy of Curio Wellness

Best-selling, award-winning, lauded by Leafly, Curio Wellness Chews are a Maryland classic that Missouri shoppers should absolutely grab first. It all starts with the quality of the most important ingredient—Curio’s cannabis distillate, made from premium flower and processed without the use of harmful cutting agents.

The distillate is infused in the gelatin-free, pectin-based chews along with only natural colors and flavors, offering Black Cherry Vanilla, Juicy Watermelon, and White Peach flavors with virtually no cannabis aftertaste. Another factor we love from these edibles is that they come in 10mg, 25mg, and 40mg per piece dosing options, a holdover gift from Maryland’s medical market that gives Missouri consumers a wealth of potency choices.

Good Day THCV Chews

Curio Wellness
Courtesy of Curio Wellness

Curio’s THCV “Focus Formula” Chews bring you all the quality of their classic chews, while showcasing the brand’s knack for science-backed, effects-specific creations. The rare cannabinoid THCV is rarely seen in today’s cannabis edibles, but the savviest brands are starting to incorporate this focus-boosting secret weapon into their products.

These chews combine 4mg THCV with 1mg THC and 1mg CBD for a formula that helps support cognitive function and improves focus. Citrus Honey flavors pair perfectly with this daytime aid that may help relieve anxiety and stress on top of its mind-sharpening powers. 

Terpene Chews

Curio Wellness
Courtesy of Curio Wellness

One thing that you won’t often find on cannabis labels, especially for edibles, is terpene content. This is a critical gap as Leafly has long evangelized that terpenes play a key role in determining the effects you can expect from cannabis products. It’s little surprise then that Curio’s science and product teams created a patent-pending product line specifically formulated to let terpene-driven effects shine.

Choose from three specific terpene blends to experience targeted effects based on the vibe you’re after: for an energizing, mood-lifting experience, pick up Mango “sativa” terpene chews; in need of a balanced, tension-relieving boost? Lemon Lime “hybrid” terpene chews are here for you. And if you’re trying to melt into mind-quieting, relaxation-ready effects, look no further than Berry Zest “indica” terpene chews.

Because of Curio Wellness’ patent-pending emulsion process, you can expect authentic, repeatable effects from every session with these chews. Find them available now in Missouri in 5mg and 25mg dosages.

Good Night Chews 

Curio Wellness
Courtesy of Curio Wellness

By now, you should have a solid sense of how Curio Wellness designs for genuine effectiveness. One of their key defining products for that reputation is the Good Night Chews. With 10mg CBN, 5mg THC, and a calming Blueberry flavor, Good Night Chews are made to promote more restful sleep and address the racing thoughts that plague many come bedtime. 

Look out for these little wonders at your local dispensary.

Tablets: Good Night / Good Day / GI Comfort

Courtesy of Curio Wellness

Last but far from least, Curio Wellness tablets set the brand apart with their patented pulse-release system and targeted formulas. Thanks to Curio’s Scientific Advisory Board, you can now find three different tablet products, each designed with a highly intentional cannabinoid ratio to address common issues.

GI Comfort tablets combine 30mg CBD for inflammation, 1.7mg THC for pain, and 75mg CBG for a highly unique formulation designed to help address the symptoms associated with gastrointestinal conditions like IBS/IBD and Chron’s. Good Day tablets provide a powerhouse team of 10mg CBD, 5mg THC, and 5mg THCV to increase motivation and focus. Good Night tablets use patented pulse-release technology to deliver an immediate dose of CBN and THC to help you get to sleep, followed by an additional release about three hours later to help you stay asleep and wake up refreshed.

Missouri is still fresh in its rec-legal status, and Curio Wellness’ choice to launch next in the state marks an exciting move in the market. Consumers looking for premium cannabis products, carefully designed with specific effects in mind, will find a true friend in Curio Wellness. The brand’s good-natured attitude and fan-favorite flavors also make their products approachable for newer consumers still getting a foothold in the cannabis world. Check out Leafly menus at Missouri dispensaries near you to start experiencing better days brought to you by Curio Wellness.

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