Free delta-9 gummies from Bay Smokes


Get a free buzz on Bay Smokes with premium hemp delta-9 gummies.

It’s time for summertime vibes, and Bay Smokes is giving out a free buzz to take you there. Get a free pack of their premium delta-9 gummies shipped straight to your door when you use code 4FREEGUMMY at checkout.

Choose from a free five-pack of Bay Smokes’ gummies or get $10 off any bag of twenty gummies if you’re ready to stock up. Each gummy is loaded with 10mg of D-9 THC to elevate your mind and send you on a trip straight to summer relaxation. With a spread of flavors to choose from like Pink Lemonade and Mango, there’s something for every taste. Just pay shipping to get a free pack of your favorite. Don’t miss out—this deal won’t last long.

The team behind Bay Smokes doesn’t just make THC products—they’re real hemp-heads themselves—so they understand what people want from their delta-9 & other cutting-edge cannabinoids. They have neatly filled a niche between incredibly high-potency products that would overwhelm more casual consumers and options with such low THC content that many users may struggle to feel anything at all. Bay Smokes walks the middle path between these two extremes, expertly finding the Goldilocks zone of potency that keeps their customers coming back for more.

Bay Smokes relentlessly pursues a level of quality that sets them apart from other brands, so if you’re curious about the Bay Smokes vibe, stock up for yourself and taste & feel the difference that quality makes. 

Just pay shipping. Limit one per address. Valid for new customers only. Must be 21+ to purchase. Availability subject to law.


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