US hash buyer’s guide to 710 Oil Day 2024 


It’s a pretty epic time to be into hash—the concentrated form of cannabis that you can dab, smoke, or vape.

With 24 legalization states and climbing, hash diversity has bloomed, and so have the different price points. The top-shelf, California State Fair gold medal-winning stuff can cost more than $100 a gram after taxes. On the low end, $7 wax grams keep the working man elevated.

Thanks to the golden age of strains, hash can taste like papaya, honey, and even hamburger. Hash-infused joints are surging in popularity, and solvent-free live rosin is sweeping the country. 

This “Oil Day” (aka “710,” July 10) Leafly launched seven shoppable hash categories. Now you can search by types: Live badder & THC budder dabs, hash and bubble hash, live resin dabs, Rick Simpson Oil, live rosin dabs, shatter, and wax.

After you take a spin, here’s some hashes we’d love to taste.


In hash news around California, a 710 Hash Tour pops up around the state, while an SF Hash Week drenches San Francisco in terps. Airo vapes re-launches in California with four tiers, including a solventless line. Ember Valley and Raw Garden both re-launch live rosin lines. Here’s some picks.

HolyWater live rosin split jars Trop Cherries / Habibi

Emerald Cup-winning outfit HolyWater brings out one jar with two separate dabs in it—so-called split jars of live rosin. Try the Trop Cherries, and then the Habibi strain—and then both together for a terpy journey. See also: HolyWater hash holes.


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Nasha Hash

(Courtesy Nasha)

One of the state’s traditional makers of pressed and unpressed hash—Nasha—also swims in the solventless and vape pen wave. Look out for the Dark Rainbow cold cure live rosin at SF Hash Week. And then their new rosin all-in-ones from CCELL hit mid-July.

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Alien Labs’ Planet Red Rosin; Connected premium live resin disposables in CA, AZ and FL.


The trend of the year is all-in-one (aka disposable) vapes that work with solventless extract (aka rosin). Check out Muha Meds’ 1-gram all-in-one hash rosin concentrates in Garlic Jelly, Donnie Burger, Tropicana Cherry, Galactic Gas, Apple Banana, Mimosa and Fatso. 

See also: Errl King’s Mother’s Milk cured resin baller bucket; Breeze live resin Trop Cherry cart; Levitate Bacio Belts live hash rosin baller jar.


Illinois has gotten rapidly up the learning curve of good hash—from the era where you couldn’t get it at all, to solid hype solventless hash.

We’d check out: Revolution’s Danny Boy live rosin jam; the Floracal Kush Mints live rosin badder; Rythm Slapz live rosin; and Cheetah’s Donny Burger disposable pen.

The coolest device of 710

Puffco Proxy w/ Ripple Glass

In 2024, our electronic hash heaters are chic and modular. They swap into a dry pipe, a bubbler, or a traffic cone—if you’re a sophisticate. Grab the Puffco Proxy, plus a glass piece to go with it and a Hot Knife to show up respectably at any sesh.


Washington’s a mature cannabis market where you can see the whole range of legalization prices.

You can get Redneck Runtz wax for just $7 per gram from the brand Snickle Fritz. On the other side is a $75/gram Hash Burger from Fugu Farms. In the middle, Translucency White Punch rosin cart for $55 a gram.


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Colorado hash smokers take the state’s cheap weed and arid climate to the bank—the hash bank. We’d try the: Green Dot Labs A5 Wagyu live rosin badder, 710 Labs Sundae Driver badder, and Airo Gelonade cart.


Arizona throws down for hash. Thus, System of a Down’s Shavo Odadjian offers his 22Red brand Live Ice-Water Hash Rosin in Lima Haze and Cocololo, as well as Live Resin Badder in Chocolate Waffles and Tire Fire.

See also: Torch live resin disposable Passion Orange Guava, Varz Superboof cold cure live hash rosin baller jar, and Albert Einstone’s El Blunto infused 4-pack.


Sunburn Piattella Aged Water Hash

The exotic hash wave hits Florida with a terpene-rich aged water hash made using a traditional technique from Spain known as “Piattella.” It involves rolling and pressing cannabis resin into thin sheets, and then aging it. Sunburn dispensaries debuts it in Griz, Death Coast, Blue Zushi, Banana OG, Petrol Station, Dulce De Uva, Trop Cherry, and Rainbow Belts.


(Courtesy Curio)

Curio live rosin all-in-ones, and dabs

The soul of the plant on demand in your pocket is the promise of live rosin all-in-ones, now on shelves in Maryland from Curio Wellness. Exclusively available at Far & Dotter and Pharmkent! Premium, this is small-batch live rosin extracted from 100% Curio Wellness fresh-frozen flower. Solventless, full spectrum, and clean—with a compact, sleek, modern design that is rechargeable. Available Strains: Future x Dosi (hybrid), Midnight Climax (MK Ultra x Raven), Wedding Cake.

New York

(Courtesy Select)

Select Briq Pineapple Upside Down Cake vape

Major vape player Select brings its Pineapple Upside Down Cake to 9 states including New York. Select runs on a custom-designed disposable Briq vape. With flavor notes of sweet pineapple, vanilla pound cake, and caramelized sugar with a cherry twist.

New Jersey

(Courtesy Ayr Wellness)

Ayr Wellness in New Jersey launches Haze x Mudd Brothers All In One Vapes on 7/10. They have the strains Caesar and GG4 live resin, as well as Tahoe Cream and Zero Gravity rosin. Proceeds support a social justice cannabis education and employment non-profit. 


(Courtesy Bountiful Farms)

Go for classic full-melt in Massachusetts with Bountiful Farms super-limited run of Southern Hashpitality #5 available at their dispensary in Natick, MA and retail partners Botera and Starbird with another drop expected just a few weeks later. The award-winning, premium, and independent cannabis cultivator crafts their full melt from indoor, whole-plant fresh frozen cannabis.

Oregon picks

—Happy Cabbage Honey Belts all-in-one vape

—Willamette Valley Alchemy, Apricot Sundae, Liquid Live Rosin, 1g cart

—Higher Cultures Point Break live rosin

New Mexico picks

—Mountaintop Extracts’ Cara Cara wax shows good taste

—Bloom Brand Ice Cream Cake half-gram pod will rip

—Ghost. brand Horchata vape sounds creamy

Missouri picks

A lot of these places that are still figuring out how to grow weed can make some pretty killer extracts from their mid-grade. Missouri makes strides towards great flower, but their hash has arrived! Check the:

—ILLICIT Blumosa Live Rosin Baller Jar 3.5g

—Flora Farms Unicorn Piss 0.3-gram disposable for tourists

—Proper Cannabis Strawberry Guava Rosin

And that’s a tasty, terpy tour through the wild world of American dabs in 2024.


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