Best Rock & Metal Blind Auditions in THE VOICE [Part 4]

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20 thoughts on “Best Rock & Metal Blind Auditions in THE VOICE [Part 4]

  1. 00:01 Victoria Stoichkova (Виктория Стоичкова) – "Look What You Made Me Do" (Bulgaria)
    02:08 Ivan Voron (Иван Ворон) – "Улица роз" (Ukraine)
    04:47 Jean-Seb Carré – "Somebody" (Canada)
    06:52 Jean-Seb Carré & Marc Dupré – "Summer Of '69" (Canada) [Encore]
    08:34 Juliet Simms – "Oh Darling" (USA)
    10:22 Samuel Guedes – "Still Loving You" (Spain)
    12:20 Gypsy Jack (Джэк Гипси) – "Smoke On The Water" (Russia)
    15:00 Telmuunbayar.Ts – "Crewcabanger" (Mongolia)
    16:44 Hüda Toprak – "Islak Islak" (Turkey) [Encore]
    19:13 Janis Dregeris – "Highway To Hell" (Lithuania)
    20:51 Chiara Tahnee Lütje – "Decode" (Germany)
    23:04 Lain Barbier – "Streets" (Netherlands | The Voice Senior)
    24:58 Yvan Pedneault – "We Are The Champions" (Canada)
    26:49 Natalie Brady – "Barracuda" (USA)
    28:34 Yang Baoxin (杨宝心) – "Are You Ready" (China)
    31:58 Stephen Hudson – "Heart Of Gold" (Ireland)
    34:03 Mark Agpas – "Come Together" (Germany)
    36:29 Ilu Pérez – "Crazy" (Spain)
    38:23 Manny Cabo – "Here I Go Again" (USA)
    40:19 Mary-Anne Bröllochs – "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" (Germany)
    42:27 Matt Eaves – "House Of The Rising Sun" (United Kingdom)
    44:29 Christian Hedgren – "Run To The Hills" (Sweden)
    46:41 Tom Jones – "A Whole Lotta Shakin'" (United Kingdom) [Bonus Track]

  2. What the fu#¢ with minute 44??? Those judges must have been out of their minds… His voice is amazing!!!

  3. 12:20 Yo solo estoy aquí por Gypsy Jack. El mejor de todos. Verdadero amante del Rock and Roll. Soy tu fan ???? . I'm only here for Gypsy Jack. The best ever. True Rock and Roll lover. I'm your fan❤☠❤

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