His HIGH WHISTLE NOTES shock the coaches in The Voice Kids! 😱

Christopher became the first winner of The Voice Kids Indonesia in 2016. He was also known as the #WhistleBoy, because of his extremely high whistle notes. Would you turn for Christopher? πŸ˜ƒ

Check out his incredible #RoadTo victory!

🚨 Songs in this video:
1. Blind Audition: “Grenade” by @Bruno Mars
2. The Battle: “Treasure” by @Bruno Mars, with Michelle & Rahadila
3. Liveshow: “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan
4. Semi-Final: “Set Fire To The Rain” by @Adele
5. Grand Final: “Writing’s On The Wall” by @SAM SMITH
6. Grand Final: “Fix You” by @Coldplay
7. Winners performance: “Anak Indonesia”

🚨 Series info:
In the #RoadTo we combine all performances of one amazing talent in The Voice Kids together. From The Blind Auditions till the Grand Final. Enjoy!

🚨 Hashtags:
#TheVoiceKids #TheVoice #Christopher #Winner

20 thoughts on “His HIGH WHISTLE NOTES shock the coaches in The Voice Kids! 😱

  1. Try to react the jazzy singer in tvk, I have one people that can be your reference: Raisa Rahmi Nurintaputri

  2. He's more of a falsetto and soprano range singer
    Giving him a set fire to the rain
    Was the bad choice
    Because he's talented but give him the song the fits good to his voice

  3. hello there are those from indonesia, west java: the city of bandung Christopher, the first πŸ‡²πŸ‡¨πŸ‡²πŸ‡¨ I love you ❀️❀️

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