SCARED TO BE LONELY covers in The Voice | Who sings it best? #13

These three amazing talents sing Garrix & Dua Lipa’s Scared To Be Lonely in The Voice. Who sang it best and is your favorite? Let us know in the poll at the end of the video or in the comments below👇

00:00 Ann (Belgium, 2019)
01:54 Kim Wigaard Johansen (Norway, 2018)
04:08 Luigiano Paals (Netherlands, 2019)

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In the #BestOfSong we showcase three amazing performances of the same song in The Voice.

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20 thoughts on “SCARED TO BE LONELY covers in The Voice | Who sings it best? #13

  1. I love how Luigiano sang it I can feel the emotion. Kim technically has a beautiful voice especially his head voice it's amazing. Anna is also good on how she delivered the song. Well, in my opinion based on this video they are best in their own way but I love most is of Luigiano.

  2. can't explain it, but I would go with Ann. the other 2 put more emotion into it than Ann and sometimes I couldn't understand the words she sang. but, nonetheless I'm going with Ann

  3. I really like these videos « who sings it best? » please continue . For this one my favorite is Kim from Norway 😊

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