Sheldon Riley The Voice Australia Journey

Hi guys, I´m back with this compilation of the journey of Sheldon Riley in the voice Australia, he is an amazing performer with an unbelievable voice and his outfits; WOW! He was a contestant of the voice australia in 2018 and made it to the top 4, then back as an all star in 2019 but didnt win the competition btw He wins more than that !

Hope you enjoy the video and give a big thumbs up to this amazing performer!

I do not own any of this videos, they`re from The Voice Australia.

20 thoughts on “Sheldon Riley The Voice Australia Journey

  1. Personally I think the main reason Sheldon made it so far in 2019 is because of Boy George. Now I live in the USA so I can't see each episode but I feel like Delta wasn't fit enough to handle Sheldon again just my personal opinion

  2. It’s grossing me out how he didn’t win any of the seasons what’s wrong with y’all in Australia I can tell that people in Australia is going out after just what they like and not how incredible breath control he has, vibrato, his head voice, his show and his range is insane for a male singer lol instead y’all vote for basic singers

  3. He is a wonderful singer and performer…..maybe he did not win because he is sometimes a bit "too much" for a part of the audience….

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