THAT moment with Sir Tom Jones (What Really Happened)

My vlog series “Talking About” where I talk about the behind-the-scenes happenings and experiences on The Voice UK ’19.

This episode I discuss THAT special viral moment where Sir Tom Jones and I sang my fathers composition – ‘I’ll Never Fall In Love Again”.

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20 thoughts on “THAT moment with Sir Tom Jones (What Really Happened)

  1. Tom Jones was visibly choked up when he sang. It was one of the most touching moments I've ever witnessed on the show. He came close to breaking down and at that moment I knew this was not contrived or pre planned but rather spontaneous. That's what made it special.

  2. That's an emotional song (lyrically), then have the power of Tom Jones' voice, then have the fact that your dad wrote the song, I don't know how you weren't off crying in a corner somewhere

  3. I keep coming back to this as a source of inspiration in these trying times, virus etc. The human spirit shone out as a beacon to all. It was really a very spiritual and moving encounter of which you should be very proud. I'm sure your Dad was really with you and your family. The memories of your Dads music come back as part of my life, listening and singing My Old mans a dustman, Does your Chewing Gum, etc as a child in the 50s. Thank you for sharing such a heart warming experience.

  4. I like Tom Jones, but never thought his voice was anything special. I found it powerful but usually more annoying then enjoyable. I know a guy that was mentally damaged in his youth when traveling long distances in a car with his parents and they routinely subjected him to Delila and The Green Green Grass Of Home. Both those songs are nothing but INTOLERABLE BELLORING to my ears.

  5. Peter – that was one hell of a song your father wrote. Unforgettable! just awesomely beautiful, my all time favorite Sir Tom Jones’s songs.

  6. Peter, I was disappointed that you didn't continue through the show, your Father would be so proud of you

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