UNEXPECTED RAP Auditions in The Voice Kids

UNEXPECTED RAP Auditions in The Voice Kids

These talents from The Voice Kids don’t only have a great voice, they also know how to rap! Who is your favorite RAPPER? Let us know in the comments below.

1. Alim Fazailov raps ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ (The Voice Kids Russia):

2. David raps ‘Straßenjunge’ (The Voice Kids Germany):

3. Lil’ T raps ‘Shutdown’ (The Voice Kids UK):

4. Lina Lipčiūtė sings/raps ‘7 Rings’ (The Voice Kids Lithuania):

5. Kate sings/raps ‘Love the Way You Lie’ (The Voice Kids Denmark):

6. Yassine raps ‘Opposite of Adults’ (The voice Kids Germany):

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20 thoughts on “UNEXPECTED RAP Auditions in The Voice Kids

  1. salut 😱 bravo !

    Depuis peu je mets une isntru par semaine sur ma chaîne toutt avis ou critique peut me faire progresser

  2. I mean yeah we agree it take guts to be on stage at that level but sometimes guts ain't all when you do not meet expectations of that stage. They were all off beat if take a look close at notes and scales.

  3. why 3 of them dont push the bottom but their njoy the song.dissapointed for russia .judges. the kids rapper so good ..

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