Bulk Up On Destiny Lore And Artbooks With This Buy 2 Get 1 Sale

Destiny 2 lore is some of the best in video games–even if it hasn’t always been properly explained in the actual game. However, in the last few years, developer Bungie has taken to curating portions of that world-building into six hardbound volumes called the Destiny Grimoire Anthology. These tomes are great collector’s items for hardcore fans, and thanks to Target’s sale this week, for every two Destiny 2 books you buy, you can get a third for free. With this deal, you could grab all six lore anthologies for only the price of four.

Each book in the Destiny Grimoire Anthology focuses on different topics and stories from the Destiny universe. One covers the full backstory of the Hive, another deals with the Cabal, and another the Fallen. The latest anthology is full of stories about Ghosts, the little robot pals that follow Destiny 2 players around and give them superpowers. If you’re a Destiny fan, all the anthology books are worth checking out, and it’s not a stretch to say that there’s a lot of really great writing attached to the game–even if it’s sometimes a little hidden and hard to find.

Destiny Grimoire Anthology, Volume 1
Destiny Grimoire Anthology, Volume 1

In addition to the lore anthologies, Target is also including Bungie’s series of art books, The Art of Destiny, in the sale. There are two art book volumes currently, but a third is available for preorder and releases on January 28. They, too, are pretty impressive, as Destiny has had consistently great art direction across the franchise’s 10 years of life. With nine total books in the sale, that means you’re only paying for two-thirds of them.

Best Destiny 2 Book Deals At Target

If Destiny 2’s lore isn’t for you, fear not: Target’s buy 2 get 1 free sale covers more than just Bungie’s books. You can also get the deal on other books, movies, and (perhaps most importantly) video games from Target, as well as other items like board games, as well. Target’s sale only runs until July 13, though, so take advantage while you can.

The sale is Target’s answer to Amazon Prime Day, which runs July 16-17. And while Prime Day hasn’t begun yet, Amazon is also running a sale on books, as well as offering its own buy 2 get 1 deals on video games. The Destiny 2 books aren’t included in Amazon’s sale, but it’s worth checking out what else Amazon has on offer.

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