Check NetApp-ZAPI will not be able to monitor next year’s ONTAPI releases

NetApp’s ZAPI interface (now called ONTAPI) will reach end of availability (EOA) in January 2023. Therefore the checks from Check NetApp-ZAPI
won’t be of much use in the near future. Fortunately all customers for Check NetAppPRO can use the future-proof Check NetApp-REST
with the same license and therefore without additional costs.

ZAPI EOA: Timeline and Recommendations

NetApp announced that ONTAP release in FY22-Q4, will be the final ONTAP version to include ONTAPI (former called ZAPI).

The subsequent ONTAP release, targeted for Q2 of calendar year 2023 will not support ONTAPI calls indicating that they are no longer available. Check NetApp-ZAPI
, which is based on this API, will not be able to monitor these ONTAPI releases!


  • If you have not used Check NetApp-REST
    before, you should install it now. The license used for Check NetApp-ZAPI
    also applies to the RESTful checks. The RESTful Checks are ready-to-run binaries without complex getters and therefore easy to install and configure.

  • Please report missing checks and functions to us at an early stage. Due to its long history, Check NetApp-ZAPI
    has a lot of checks; by far not all of them have been mapped to Check NetApp-REST
    so far. For some of them, it will not be necessary to rewrite them. (For example, those that check 7-mode filers.) The sooner we know your wishes, the sooner we can implement them in time.

About Check NetAppPRO

The Check NetAppPRO license includes these products:


Customers of Check NetAppPRO can always download the latest releases of all our of products from our Release Server

If you interested in testing or buying our Monitoring-Plugins for NetApp please do not hesitate to contact
our distributor.

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