How do CGM systems help in measuring Time in Range


Continuous Glucose Monitoring or CGM systems play a vital role in monitoring one’s glucose levels. As you know from my previous blog posts, I have been using Abbott’s Freestyle Libre for quite some time now. I also love how diverse the device is in terms of giving me all the accurate details I need in order to monitor my glucose levels.

One of the main features of this CGM device is showing the glucose trends through patterns and graphs. With the help of the sensor which collects glucose readings continuously, we can access our data any time during the day.

Let me explain how to understand the Glucose readings using FreeStyle Libre

Glucose trends can be easily checked with the help of arrows.

The upward arrow suggests that the glucose is rising and the downward arrow suggests that the glucose is dropping. You may also get added information as shown in the given screenshot that the ‘Glucose is Going Low’ if there is a drop.

The Number suggests the current glucose reading from your latest scan, in this case, it is 74.

The graph shows how your glucose has been over the last multiple hours. When you take a reading at any point in time, the graph shows readings in the last eight hours. Through other options, you can also check the Daily Patterns of the last seven days

Another important feature is the Time in Range.

You can set this range when you first set up the Scanner for reading. Anytime I go over or below this range, I can see the change.

So, what is Time in Range in CGM devices?

Time in Range is the measure of time your glucose levels spend in the Target Range. And Freestyle Libre automatically shows the time your glucose levels are in, above and below this target range.

This data is crucial because there are many benefits to it.

  1. Because of the medications, my glucose levels are below the target range for about 58% of the time during the last 7 days. It is always better to stay within the range so as to have a positive impact on one’s glucose control.
  2. I can also check the number of low-glucose events in the last 14 days.
    Unfortunately, my glucose dropped 9 times during this time period.
  3. One can also measure the daily patterns and check if the graph falls in the target range.

One can also make a note of their activities during the time they check the glucose levels. For example, you can make a note of exercise, food, medicines, insulin etc. This is especially beneficial in those times when you have a spike in glucose levels and you know you’ve eaten something that has triggered your glucose spike. 

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Thus, with one painless scan, you can see how factors like food, exercise, medicine, etc can impact your glucose. 

To know more about Continuous Glucose Monitoring, visit this website

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The information mentioned in this document is only suggestive/for patient education and shall not be considered as a substitute for doctor’s advice or recommendations from Abbott. Please consult your doctor for more information 

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