Play Against’s Roman Empire Bots

Are you ready to take on some of the greatest strategists in history? Prepare your army and head to our Play Computer page to join forces with the new Roman Empire bots. The more games you win against the bots, the stronger they grow as the month goes on!

Thanks to its fierce leaders, the Roman Empire was once among the most powerful in the world. Now, it’s time for you to test your skills and align yourself with one of the great leaders of the Roman Era! Play against Hadrian, Cleopatra, Caesar, Caligula, or Augustus to help them maneuver their troops to victory. But remember: there can only be one winner! So pick your favorite bot and beat them as much as you can to help them achieve the ultimate victory.

Learn more about each of this month’s bots below:


Armed with around-the-world tales and tactics, Hadrian is the leader of defense. Want to build a pawn chain as long as his wall? Beat Hadrian to create a strong defense!

Hadrian Bot


A talented multi-linguist, Cleopatra the Great is the queen of calculation. Will you master the art of reading your opponent to achieve the upper hand? Beat Cleopatra to lead her to power!

Cleopatra Bot


A general and statesman, Caesar is always playing for the win. Ready to join the arena of aggression and take more chances on ruthless moves? Beat Ceasar to lift him to victory!

Caesar Bot


Antihero Caligula doesn’t care about being liked as long as he rules over his enemies. Think you can handle his brutish trash-talk? Defeat Caligula to prove his haters wrong!

Caligula Bot


Balanced and adaptable, Augustus values knowing thyself. Will he teach you the perfect moment to reassess your strategy? Beat Augustus to see him shine!

Augustus Bot

Who is your favorite leader from the Roman Era? Let us know in the comment section below! Click here to download the bot avatars in high resolution.

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