15 Reasons Why Vietnam is a Digital Nomad’s Dream Destination

Let’s talk about why Vietnam is a digital nomad’s dream destination. I’ve spent a lot of time traveling around Vietnam, working remotely whilst enjoying the many benefits that come with selecting this country as a digital nomad destination.

In this article, I’ll cover all the reasons to visit Vietnam in detail. I don’t doubt that by the time I get to point 15, you’ll be browsing for flights!

Top Reasons Why Vietnam is a Digital Nomad’s Dream Destination

Hoi An, Vietnam, image of boats in foreground, river running through middle and traditional yellow painted buildings with people passing by

For me, being a digital nomad is all about having a great work/life balance. In all my years of traveling, nowhere has this balance been easier to attain than in Vietnam. Let’s get started with all the reasons Vietnam is a digital nomad’s dream destination.

1. Coworking Spaces

First off, and perhaps most importantly for those who prioritize a suitable working environment, there are tons of great coworking spaces across Vietnam. I couldn’t believe how many I found. Most were very affordable with prices from as little as a few dollars a day.

Excellent, reliable, and modern coworking facilities are never hard to find. From casual and friendly hot desks to dedicated office suites available by the month, whatever your work requirements you’re sure to find something suitable in Vietnam.

I’ve written extensively about coworking spaces in Vietnam and have even compiled digital nomad guides for 5 of Vietnam’s largest cities. Here’s a link to my digital nomad guide to Ho Chi Minh City to get you started.

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2. Cost of Living

Vietnamese Dong, a handful of bills fanned out

A top reason why you should visit Vietnam as a digital nomad is the low cost of living. I couldn’t believe how uniformly cheap things are across the country.

Naturally, a bigger city like the capital Hanoi has a slightly higher cost of living. But, when compared with similar-sized Western cities like London, the difference is staggering!

This means you’ll be able to bank more savings, enjoy more of the finer things in life, or simply live more comfortably in Vietnam, for longer. Many digital nomads see a big difference in their expendable cash by opting to work remotely from this beautiful base.

3. The Climate

Perfect beach weather in January – Vung Tau

Vietnam is a big country, and so depending on where you decide to base yourself, the weather can vary. For the most part, however, it’s the perfect place for avoiding the cold.

I saw a huge weather swing between a grey, foggy, and wet February in the northern city of Hanoi immediately followed by a sun-drenched, baking hot March in Phu Quoc in the south.

Even at its coldest, Hanoi for example, rarely dips below a comfortable average of 62F (16C). On the other hand, Ho Chi Minh, to the south, has consistent 80F (26C) and above weather all year round.

4. The Coffee

Me and my husband Rob enjoying a coffee at Hanoi’s famous Train Street

Coffee is a big deal in Vietnam, and the cafe culture is unparalleled. From traditional robust Vietnamese drip coffee to the very unique creamy egg coffee, the options are endless. Western-style, Italian-influenced coffees are also easy to find.

Cafes in Vietnam are not just places to grab a quick cup; they’re vibrant social hubs where many digital nomads choose to work, connect, and immerse themselves in the local atmosphere.

With cozy interiors, free Wi-Fi, and affordable prices, coffee shops big and small provide the perfect environment for digital nomads in Vietnam to be productive.

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5. The Beaches

A cool sign on the beach in Phu Quoc

Digital nomads in Vietnam will have plenty of opportunities to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and unwind on Vietnam’s pristine shores. The serene ambiance and stunning scenery provide the ultimate retreat from a busy digital nomad lifestyle.

Vietnam boasts some of the most breathtaking beaches I have ever seen. The stunning Am Bang Beach in Hoi An is an all-time favorite of mine but it’s the tranquil bays of Phu Quoc that topped them all. Crystal-clear waters, powdery sands, and swaying palm trees create an idyllic backdrop straight out of a digital nomad’s dream.

Whether you’re into sunbathing, swimming, water sports, or partying at the beach, Vietnam’s long stretch of coastline offers something for every preference.

6. The Social Scene

Enjoying a post-work beer at Belgo in HCMC

Of the many benefits of Vietnam for digital nomads, the excellent social scene and nightlife are high up on the list. There are so many cool spots to head to; from rooftop bars, swanky clubs, and very cheap dive and sports bars. Every night can be Saturday night if you so choose!

The vibrant digital nomad communities that are found all over Vietnam and the many other visitors, travelers, and holiday-makers create a year-round fun environment. This energy isn’t only limited to the big cities or the popular beach towns either. The transient flow of tourists all over the country ensures that a fun nighttime spot is never far away.

7. Amazing Tours and Day Trips

The view from my room on the cruise around Ha Long Bay

Wherever you choose to base yourself as a digital nomad in Vietnam, you’ll find an abundance of captivating tours and day trips. It’s the perfect country for intrepid explorers, culture seekers, and keen photographers.

While in Hanoi, I was able to tick off a lifelong dream of mine to visit Ha Long Bay. I spent my birthday on a cruise ship, drinking wine, and sailing through the towering limestone cliffs and emerald waters. It was a surreal adventure that I’ll never forget. Click here to check out the trip I booked.

From guided tours of the ancient streets of Hoi An to overnight cruising down the Mekong River, Vietnam’s diverse array of tours and day trips cater to every interest and curiosity.

8. The Street Food

With so many food-on-stick options, I just went for them all!

Vietnam’s street food scene is legendary, and renowned for its exceptional quality, affordability, and abundance – some of the flavors are truly incredible! Across the country, you’ll find bustling markets and roadside stalls offering a tantalizing array of traditional delights, from savory pho and banh mi to crispy spring rolls.

Savoring authentic Vietnamese cuisine prepared right before your eyes won’t break the bank either. Most street food options cost less than a few bucks per meal. It offers a delicious and budget-friendly way to experience the diverse culinary landscape of Vietnam.

Popular spots will be evident as locals generally flock to their personal favorites and regular vendors 2 to 3 times a day.

9. The Culture

A former US Army helicopter at the War Remnants Museum in HCMC

Vietnam has a rich and complex culture that’s deeply influenced by its history, traditions, and resilience. Exploring the poignant reminders of the past at the War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh is a sobering glimpse into the impact of the Vietnam War.

In Hanoi, many pay daily homage to the revered leader at the Ho Chi Minh Memorial – the sprawling complex dedicated to the father of modern Vietnam. Here, amidst tranquil gardens and grand monuments, you can gain an insight into Ho Chi Minh’s revolutionary legacy and his enduring influence on the nation.

Through its museums, monuments, and cultural landmarks, Vietnam allows visitors to delve into its storied past leading to a deeper understanding and appreciation of its unique heritage.

10. Connectivity

image of laptop on cafe table with latte mug beside keyboard, latte heart features a heart and leaf pattern

Vietnam offers robust connectivity, essential for digital nomads seeking to work remotely and see the best of Asia. With widespread access to high-speed, (internet even in the most unlikely of places), digital nomads can seamlessly conduct online tasks from virtually anywhere in the country.

During my time in Vietnam, I worked everywhere, from a tiny cafe in Hanoi to a shack of a beach bar in Phu Quoc. Digital nomads can depend on Vietnam’s reliable internet infrastructure to stay productive and connected throughout their adventures.

Affordable data SIM cards, available for as little as $5-$7/month, also ensure continuous connectivity for those on the move. This accessibility allows constant connectivity with clients, and colleagues, and access to online resources without breaking the bank. Another unarguable benefit for remote workers!

11. Ease of Transportation

Vietnam railroad, passing through narrow building passageway

Vietnam is a huge country that thankfully has a reliable and affordable transportation network; facilitating seamless travel for digital nomads and other travelers alike. This allows for easy exploration of the country’s diverse landscapes, distant historical towns, and vibrant cities.

From efficient train services to extensive bus routes and affordable domestic flights, getting around Vietnam is both convenient and accessible. I found most bookings could be made online and websites often offered an English translation. Help was always on hand if needed.

Nomads can hop on overnight sleeper buses or trains to cover long distances comfortably, allowing them to maximize their time and budget while moving between destinations. Additionally, the availability of the very cheap ride-sharing app Grab offers convenient door-to-door across most of Vietnam.

12. Further Exploration

airport boarding lounge with aeroplane taking off in the background

Continuing from our previous point, Vietnam’s strategic location in Southeast Asia serves as a gateway for digital nomads to explore the wider region. With numerous international airports and well-developed transportation infrastructure, guests of Vietnam have easy access to neighboring countries and beyond.

Vietnam’s numerous international airports, which extend well beyond just HCMC and Hanoi, offer direct flights to major cities across Asia. This accessibility allows for spontaneous adventures or additional extended travels throughout the continent.

I was able to take short and affordable flights to Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore from Vietnam. I also weighed up getting the bus to Cambodia and met a couple who took an overnight ferry to Laos. There are endless options for exploring further afield with Vietnam as a base.

13. Safety and Security

My only safety concern – dodging this big fella whilst cycling around the rice fields of Hoi An

Safety is paramount for digital nomads, and Vietnam offers a reassuring sense of security throughout. I always felt safe navigating the busy streets of Ho Chi Minh, even at night, or cycling through the Hoi An countryside dodging the thankfully friendly water buffaloes.

There isn’t a culture of hawking goods, trips, or timeshares in Vietnam like in other nearby countries. This certainly added to the feeling of security for visitors like me, from the other side of the world visiting Vietnam for the first time.

With statistically low crime rates and many friendly locals, Vietnam has a welcoming environment where visitors can explore with confidence.

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14. Volunteer Opportunities and House Sitting

Woman Harvesting Rice in Rice Field, example of volunteer jobs available in Vietnam

Aside from remote working responsibilities, Vietnam offers many opportunities for a digital nomad to give back through volunteering. Whether teaching English to local students, participating in community development projects, or supporting environmental initiatives, visitors in Vietnam can make a meaningful impact during their stay.

Websites such as Workaway and HelpX regularly have 75-100 active projects looking for volunteers in Vietnam. It’s a great way to learn more about local cultures, meet new people, participate in worthwhile projects, and attain a sense of achievement.

I used Trusted Housesitters numerous times during my stay in Vietnam and it saved me a lot of money. Although Vietnam is an emerging market for house sitting opportunities they can still be secured. Learn all about Trusted Housesitters here.

15. Natural Beauty

The Ho Chi Minh City skyline

Vietnam’s natural beauty is a magnet for anyone seeking awe-inspiring landscapes and outdoor adventures. From the towering limestone cliffs of Ha Long Bay to the lush greenery of Sapa’s rice terraces, Vietnam has some of the most breathtaking scenery I have ever seen.

If, like me, you enjoy blowing out the cobwebs with a good hike, you’ll be in heaven in Vietnam. From some seriously tough and wild jungle walks that lead to cascading waterfalls to immaculate national parks, hiking is abundant for every ability.

I had to archive so many old photos on my phone to make room for all the new ones I took in Vietnam. Even when you’re located in the heart of the big cities, natural beauty is never far away.

In Closing

Another stunning sunset in Phu Quoc

Now I’m left wondering why I ever left Vietnam! It’s a seriously cool place and having spent a good chunk of time as a Vietnam digital nomad I can vouch for it as the perfect destination for remote working.

I enjoyed many things about my time in Vietnam, but my overriding memory is of the lovely people I met, the stunning scenic views, and the delicious food. Mix this in with the excellent modern facilities that allowed me to do my job and I’m permanently sold on Vietnam.

I have no doubt Vietnam will work for you too, have fun!

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