6 Pack Abs Workout | Just 6 Minutes!! (FOLLOW ALONG)

6 Pack Abs Workout | Just 6 Minutes!! (FOLLOW ALONG)

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20 thoughts on “6 Pack Abs Workout | Just 6 Minutes!! (FOLLOW ALONG)

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  2. Great workout. When feeling lazy, this 6-7 minutes abs training allows me to get back on track and do the corresponding training. I called it the "will restoration"

  3. Thank you for guiding me through training abs the RIGHT way. Game changer for me. I now do abs before anything followed by rowing intervals focussing on explosive movement and engaging core throughout. Have only been doing your ab workouts for 7 days and my 5 pack is a poppin LOL. For years doing everything else right and stopped listening to tubers who say not to bother training them. No name mentioned you can probably guess. Am a true convert Jeff ❤️

  4. Holy shit you guys. I finished all the exercises to 40 seconds today for the first time. How long did it take you to get there? This fucking workout is badass.

    Thanks Jeff!

  5. Hi Jeff, I’ve just started out on my 100 push-ups a day for a year challenge. Would you do me the honour of being wishing me well and give me a few words of advice in a small video I could use in the introduction of my one month progress video? Kindest Regards,
    Antony, [email protected]gmail.com

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