ACNH Island Design Ideas – How to improve your 5 star island!

Animal Crossing New Horizons island design ideas and tips on how to re-envision your island without starting over!

Hotel tour:

Design IDs:
Terracotta Borders – MA-7011-8313-9106
Stone Path (Museum) – MA-5093-4566-9963
Juice Bar (menu & stall) – MA-0935-5360-2114
Rock Path (Villager’s Houses) – MA-8617-7781-8905
Dirt Path (Campsite) – MA-3845-6613-6023
Bamboo Stall (Tiki Bar) – MA-6537-1460-5257

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20 thoughts on “ACNH Island Design Ideas – How to improve your 5 star island!

  1. WOWOWOW! i just found your channel and i LOVE your content! this video inspired me soooo much and everything is beautiful and put together🤣 even though i’ve played for 1,000 hours this makes my island look so sad💀🤣 but tysm for making my day!🤣💗

  2. why is it so hard for me to decorate my island. my brain/imagination is like an empty shell. any sort of attempt i manage to do looks awful. even decorating around villager houses, for some reason looks so awful when i do it

  3. Well, you sir gave me the feeling of just quiting the game. No matter what I do, my island will look like trash

  4. At 1:30 the stack of magazines is good and all… But it drives me crazy that the cover VII (your island flag) is upside down on these magazines. Unless it's a manga of course… 😀

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